Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Welcome to the blog of the anonymous editor of the Children of the Underground Watch Newsletter. Our group monitors the alleged activty of Faye Yager's notorious group that assists in the parental kidnapping or family abduction of children. In most of these cases, the parents are involved in an acrimonious custody dispute over the children and it usually involves cases where both or one of the parents has substantially economic means. After the custody dispute, the timeline usually involves numerous allegations, sometimes called the "allegation of the month" by family law attorneys invovled in these cases. As the situation escalates, sometimes by a pending decision by the family law court; the results of a court ordered evaluation; or an announcement by one of the parents of a plan to remarry or a new relationship -- one of the parents, usually the mother contacts their local women's shelter and/or locates the "protective parent" or underground group that places the mother and her child in hiding in exchange for a finanical payment or a transfer of personal property (ususally furniture, cars etc.).

The Editor
The Children fo the Underground Watch Newsletter