Monday, October 27, 2008

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The San Diego IVAT Conference - the deadline to surrender

In covering the underground cases for the past decade, one thing is perfectly clear, the professionals come out to one of the Domestic Violence or Abuse and Trauma conferences in San Diego to promote the "protective parent" or undeground parental kidnapping cause. This makes us very angry as how can anyone promote kidnapping a child from another parent, there are always legal alternatives. Furthermore, why would any parent use their child as a "poster child" for any cause like Holly Ann Collins and the rest of the protective parent cause is doing with Jennifer Collins.

In reviewing the program to this conference we find some of the professionals deeply involved in past cases representing underground moms are actually speaking at these conferences regarding custody evalauations. We see the same names, Joyanna Silberg, Richard Ducote, Meera Fox and Alan Rosenfeld. If it were our child that needed protected, these individuals would be the last that we would want involved in the case.

We find others with questionable backgrounds like Connie Valentine of the California Protective Parents Assocation who awarded Jennifer Collins with their medal of courage. According to the Sacramento Bee Newspaper, Connie Valentine claimed a satanic cult forced her to kill people when she was a little girl....

"A state employee who works with mental health patients has been reassigned to administrative duties after her appearance on a nationally televised show in which she claimed a satanic cult forced her to kill people when she was a little girl." See:

I always find it fascinating how some youthful district attorneys are unable to discern the A list child abuse professionals from the others. Some of these organizations are filled with what I call "extremists" with tenets similar to some very horrible organizations in American history.

In any regard, these San Diego Conferences have in the past decade have publcized many child abuse and underground cases from Kee McFarland the puppet lady in the McMartin Preschool case to Faye Yager of the Children of the Underground. Before this year, we thought with Faye Yager and Joan Pennington's alleged retirement that the underground or protective parent cause was dead. With today's CPS Services vastly improved since they were originally formed with the Modale Act of 1974, why would it be necessary for any mother or parent to go undeground? Unfortunately, in San Diego last month, there are some who still believe this is a legal alternative. I just hope that no one who attended that conference believed it.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Holly Ann Collins - 43

One thing I noticed about underground moms is that the before and after pictures should convince any mother never to go underground. Living underground, especially in a foreign country is not easy and mothers living in hiding often go without proper healthcare. One underground mom, Dorie Singley died of a brain aneurysm while underground because she did not seek appropriate medical care.

See the before and after pictures of Holly Ann Collins below.

Photos: Fox9

Holly Ann Collins Pleads Guility - Moms Up Finally

Okay, Holly Ann Collins finally plead guilty. But where's the remorse? Where's the restitution for the searching parent victim? The District Attorney wimped out in this case but he also saved the searching victim parent from having to endure a long court case costing the taxpayers thousands of dollars. Where's the gag order on Holly Ann Collins or her parentally brainwashed child? You take the law into your own hands and you get 40 hours of community service?

I hope this is the last we've heard of Holly Ann Collins. I hope she goes on to become a productive member of society by taking care of her young children. And finally, I hope she doesn't think she has a book deal here! Book readers are more interested in reading about more credible people such as Alec Baldwin.