Monday, August 21, 2006

Reunite the Father with His Daughter Now!

A father spends thousands of dollars and almost 4 years of his life to find his child. It's now been over two weeks and he has still not been reunified with her. Claudia Librett's attorneys high-priced attorneys are no doubt calling every person in Montgomery County's Social Services Department to try and delay the reunification of the father and his child. I need to raise the following questions: 1) If the left-behind parent was a woman, would it have taken over two weeks; 2) What a very cruel thing Claudia Librett is doing to her daughter -- she'd rather leave her in foster care rather than with the father and his family; 3) Consider the thousands of dollars in attorney fees that millionnaire Librett has spent in the last two weeks, would that money be better spent getting her daughter into therapy as quickly as possible.

I am a bit disappointed that this process is taking so long but I have high hopes that the Montgomery County Social Services, now that they have the case, will allow the professionals to take over. There is a small and select group of therapists in the country that are familiar with reunification and the effects on children...however these therapists are readily available to therapists connected with the family abduction community. There is also a resource available to therapists at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

For almost 4 years, this father got up each morning not knowing where his child was. This father's parents, the child's grandparents also got up each morning not knowknowning where their child was. Yet, there were attorneys and/or others that allegedly knew the location or knew how to get a message to Claudia Librett. It is very cruel for any professional to think that any further delay in the reunification is warranted. The father did everything a left-behind, searching or victim parent does: he searched for his child; he found his child; he has the legal paperwork for custody of his child; he worked within the legal system; he worked with child protective services and other evaluators to ensure he was a fit parent and now he is patiently waiting for reunification to occur, while Ms. Librett is spending thousands to try and prevent it.

This is horrible, Librett did not play by the rules so why is anyone listening to her or her attorneys. Librett by her sole kidnapping act has already cost the Montgomery County taxpayers thousands, if not a million dollars, and she hasn't even been charged yet. The courts and child protective services need to honor the father's rightful custody papers. Let's get this case one step closer to Librett's criminal trial and let the father start raising his child. If not, this sets a horrible precedence for future cases...all of us in the family abduction community hate snatch backs...but if the next missing child shows up in Canada, I wouldn't blame any U.S. parent for just grabbing the child and bringing him or her back to the United States. It would certainly seem better for all us...especially the taxpayers! Remember the millionnaire father who was on the cover of Time Magazine, he snatched his children back in Switzerland and his case was soon over.

The Editor
The Children of the Underground Watch

Sunday, August 13, 2006

A Boilerplate Underground Case

For those of in the Family Abduction Community who have followed these underground cases for nearly two decades, one thing is perfectly clear, when we read Claudia Librett's description of her case posted on by her supporters, it it appears sound exactly like the other cases. It's as if she opend up Microsoft Word, clicked Search and Replace, Save and posted that story.

For this writer, it's almost as if I don't have to read the story, since the simlarities are almost exactly the same as the others. The first most distinguishable similiarity is the one that is the most upsetting is that Claudia Librett portrays herself as the caring "protective parent", the self-appointed protector her young child. However, she has allowed her supporters to publish disgusting and detailed descriptions of alleged abuse. These passages are so awful, that I am simply embarrased to read them. Yet, despite several requests to her supporters to remove them, they don't feel anything is wrong with them. What makes this group almost cult-like is that they feel their cause is more important than the protection of the privacy of this young child. If they truly cared about this child, they would remove this post and let this issue be handled in the closed doors of the juvenille court, family court or child protective services, with the professionals. These supporters and Librett who I suspect wrote the details, should be ashamed of themselves.

The second similarity is that some really strange and troubled people will now start to support Claiudia Librett. There are other recovering parents and their familes like the father in this case who have reported death threats and harassment by the arrested mom's supporters. As Librett orchestrates her case from jail, it's almost as if she is recruiting for volunteers to harass this father and his family. What we never could understand in these cases is that these self-proclaimed anti-domestic violence advocates now feel that they have been given a free license to engage in domestic violence, the very cause they prolcaim to advocate.

The third similarity is that these cases is that the proclaimed protective parent is engaging in an common behavior that is very dangerous, they self-diagnosing alleged child abuse by their own personal observations. During the course of "sharing custody" with the other parent, they tend to see child abuse in anything the child does. This is usually when the child does have a therapist, usually chosen by the mother, who has repeatedly told the mother that she isn't seeing her child as a victim of abuse. Yet these details in the case are rarely disclosed and what we don't understand is that with Librett's millions, she could have afforded the best of the best therapists.

There are many other similarities but the last one is the conspiracy one. For whatever reason, alleged narcissistic Librett wants everyone to believe that despite the millions she has paid attorneys and other professionals, that every government or state agency, law enforment official, social services organization who has not done what she wants them to say or do, is corrupt and has taken sides with the father in this case. This is absolutely ridiculous.

I am sorry Claudia but as you sit in your jail cell in Ms. LVanier Centre for Women at Milton it's because of what you did in January of 2003, you committed the crime of "parental kidnapping". And if the similarities in the case resemble the ending results of the others...your next step after the Montgomery County Court House and trial that will most likely cost the taxpayers another million will be some prison in Pennslyvania. And this similarity occured because you refused to do one thing, share custody with the father in this case...that would have been easier for all of us.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Claudia Librett, the accused abuser in this case!

Among the family abduction community, parental kidnapping is considered one of the most severe forms of domestic violence or family violence against a child. In the case of accused "abuser" Claudia Libertt, one cannot imagine what type of person in this world would intentionally change a three year old child name and tell them they didn't have a father. I'm a parent and having raised a three year old, I couldn't imagine how I could stomach the emotional and mental cruelty of changing a child's name and telling them one day they didn't have a child...especially after watching the videos of the child with her father. There are very few people on this earth would do this this and what makes it worse is that millionnaire Librett had many other legal alternatives to protect her child, especially with the millions she purpotedly paid to her attorneys. Wouldn't it have been better to spent the money on a good child psychiatrist if you really were trying to protect your child? As she now sits in her jail cell asking for the support of well-intentioned family violence groups, this child advocate has very little sympathy for her

In reading the blog of Librett supporters, most likely written by Librett herself, there is one thing that has always scared me. These proclaimed child protectionalists are looking at information provided by Librett and proclaiming support for Librett. What is bothersome is that these inviduals have no training or education to make any conclusions in the case. Hey people, let's leave the analysist of this case and the determination for the professionals in Montgomery County. They are already cheering the longer it takes for the father to be reunified with her father...but people, you haven't even read any information for Montgomery County or the evaluation done in the custody trial! Do you wonder why Libertt is not providing you with that information.

One thing we'd like to call attention to is that the Canadian Immigration Department allowed Ms. Librett with her high-priced attorneys to stay with her child in a motel for several days following her capture. At the time, they should have known that the mother had "brainwashed the child" into thinking she didn't have a father and many other horrible things. So during the days that Ms. Librett was with her child, did the Canadian Immigration Department take measures ot ensure the child was not further brainwashed by Ms. Librett? After reading the blog from Ms. Librett's site, does anyone think the Candian Immigration Department took steps to monitor and supervise the visitiations from the alleged abuser Ms. Librett? Did Ms. Librett provide any explation to her now 7 year old child that she did have a father?

We'd like to again caution any well-intentioned Claudia Librett supporters to look after the best interests of this child in this case. We'll summarize with one closing question, if the Montgomery County Social Services Department told you that this child is absolutely better off with the father as her parent and all allegations against the father are untrue, would that be a good or bad thing?

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Family Abductions are one of the most severe forms of Domestic Violence!

Did Canadian Domestic Violence Groups support Susan Smith just because she was a woman -- hopefully not. Then why would they support Claudia Librett, the alleged parental kindapper just because she is a woman. A family abduction or parental kidnapping is one of the most severe forms of family violence. We simply don't understand why they wouldn't consider supporting the real family violence victims in this case, the father and the child. As we seen in other underground cases and as we've heard one judge say when she sent a underground mom to prison, "the real abuser in this case is the mother."

As in past cases, many anti-domestic violence groups such as the National Organization for Women and the NADV have supported the protective parent during the initial stages of these cases, but after they've heard the facts and cirumstances of these cases, they eventually stop supporting the alleged parental kidnapper.

We would like to ask the Canadian Domestic Violence groups to take a wait and see approach before unilaterally supporting Claudia Librett --just because she is a woman. Let's step back and remember that Susan Smith was a woman and mother to.
Now is the Time to Find Out Who Helped Claudia Librett
In last two decades, hundreds of proclaimed protective parents like Claudia Librett have fled underground, yet during this time, there have no well-known criminal convictions of those that aided and abetted.

For the father in this case and his family, the last four years could only be described as a parent’s worst nightmare. For them not to know if they will ever see their child or grandchild ever again is one of the worst criminal acts any custodial embattled parent could inflict on the other parent and his family. Meanwhile, there are individuals or so called “underground supporters” who knew the location of Ms. Librett and assisted her when she was in hiding. These individuals, some which usually have legal backgrounds are rarely prosecuted.

One of those who have been accused in the past is Faye Yager. However, as a multi-millionaire was close to getting an indictment and a civil suit, the father coincidently found his kids in Switzerland and no charges proceeded. In that case he was offering a one million dollar reward for each child. There is Joan Pennington, the founder and a lawyer for the National Center for Protective Parents who has been accused by the FBI of putting a women into hiding and now receives hundreds of thousands of dollars in government grants for her non-profit organization. This group once thought to be the intake point of the ‘90s for protective parent now focuses on advocacy and training lawyers how to represent protective parents. Pennington co-authored one of the first books on representing protective parents. There is Amy Neustein in Brooklyn, NY who admitted to interviewing a child as the intake point for the underground. Neustein lost custody of her own daughter and that daughter, now an adult recently spoke out against here. Neustein recently wrote a book on this subject matter. There are attorneys like Alan Rosenfeld, Richard Ducote, Sheila Brogna and Garnett Harrision, who have all been accused, but never sanctioned specifically for their alleged assistance although Harrision was disbarred by the Mississippi Bar. She is now a practicing attorney in Georgia. Yet these attorneys all have written and/or spoken about their representation of underground parents. Many even have clients who disappeared into the underground while they represented them. There are now the new underground attorneys: Toby Kleinman and Meera Fox. Kleinman spoke on an panel about the underground only months after her client, Claudia Librett went on the lam. Fox only years out of law school, acted as a para-legal for both Rosenfeld and Ducote and now has a center for training attorneys to represent protective parents.

In the Librett case, sources divulge that there is an attorney that allegedly assisted her. Like most of his predecessors, this attorney will probably attempt to use the “attorney-client privilege” to avoid prosecution. He will claim he helped her in the capacity as an attorney so all is communication with here is privilege.

In past cases, most prosecutors will charge only one person, the abducting parent. As we can already tell by the stories in the media, these attorneys will now try and complicate this case with many other issues. Money will be no object as many thousands of dollars will be thrown at expert-witnesses, most likely some of the above who have their own self-serving financial agendas and will try and claim that our family court system does not work. They will have no first hand knowledge of the facts and circumstances of this case in Montgomery County but they will attempt to deflect the case from the core issue: Claudia Librett is a parental kidnapper who didn’t like the decision of the Montgomery County Court so fled the system. As a parental kidnapper she inflicted a horrible crime not only against her own child but against the child’s parent and his family.

It is now time to put an end to the expansion of this “protective parent” network. In our opinion, the only way to achieve this is not only to prosecute Claudia Librett, but to prosecute some of the conspirators. We need to be the real protective parents here and protect our future generations from this terrible and heinous crime. It begins today by finding out who really helped Claudia Librett!

The Editor
The Children of the Underground Watch

Monday, August 07, 2006

Shopping for a New Jurisdiction and Forum

The Claudia Librett case illustrates the typical underground case where the custodial-embattled underground mom, not satisfied with the ruling of one jurisdiction, kidnaps her child while shopping for a jurisdiction and new forum for her case. If you review this case, you'll find that a long trial was held in family court (jurisdiction and forum 1), she appealed the verdict to federal court (jurisdiction and forum 2)while in hiding and used the "necessity defense" or "protective parent" defense as her excuse for not wanting to share custody of her child. All allegations against the father have been proved false and he has been awarded sole custody by professionals who have direct knowledge of the case. It would not surprise me if we hear that she'll want the Canadian courts to intervene in this U.S. case (jurisdiction and forum 3). Meanwhile, she's once again be leveling allegations against her former spouse, this new forum number 4 -- the media. This strategy is clearly outlined in the 1990 Protective Parent legal representation book.

What we must not forget about is that Claudia Librett committed what has to be one of the cruelest form of abuse leveled against her child and the child's father. For almost four years, she hid the child who is now 7 years old from the child's father, grandparents and other family and friends. For those of us who understand what it is like to raise a 7 year old child, how could you possibly think of a way to explain this horrible way of life in hiding to them -- the multiple identities, the whereabouts of her father. The explanation the abducting parent provides to the child is what most family abduction professionals would categorize as one of the cruelest forms of emotional abuse inflicted on a child. In addition, the impact on this father who searched world-wide for his daughter for four long years spending thousands of dollars. The shameful impact on the father's family including any grandparents or great grandparents.

Ms. Librett is now in jail in Canada waiting extradition. We'll suspect that she or her attorneys will contact call every national and local media using the "abuse excuse" or the she fled so that she wouldn't have to share custody with the child's father. That said, Ms. Librett to attempt to deflect attention from her very cruel four year kidnapping crime by trying to make a case against the father. In this case, her new forum will be the media in which she can say anything she wants proclaiming her innocence as most incarcerated individuals awaiting prosecution do. This is where the media will be challenged. As with the previous cases, we've already started to see the differences between seasoned professional journalists and rookie journalists. This is a FAMILY ABDUCTION OR PARENTAL KIDNAPPING CASE. It has nothing to do about any unfounded or alleged child abuse. So why publish it to create yet another forum for Claudia Librett? Journalists will also start to hear from any proclaimed child protection group, many whose names appear in the most recent underground books who will say the system doesn't work. A word to these journalists, please respect and be sensitive to the victims in this case, the father and the seven year old child whose last name and picture we have removed from our website. If Ms. Librett wants to defend tortuous actions in that manner, then let's let her do her in the proper jurisdiction and forum -- the Montgomery County Criminal Court.

The Editor

The Children of the Underground Watch

Claudia Librett, 51 formerly of Narbeth, Pennsylvania was arrested in Niagara Falls on August 5, 2006. AM900 news is reporting that authorities tracked parental kidnapper Librett to Niagara by the Lake, Canada. She had been living there for the past 2 years and had been on the run hiding her 7 year old daughter from her former spouse since January 2003, almost 4 years.

This case involves alleged underground attorney Toby Kleinman who has represented the mother since she went underground. The case was also featured on America's Most Wanted earlier this year.

This recovery represents the first in the Northeast, possibly a new trend for milleneum underground cases. It's been almost twenty years since the underground was first formed in Mountpellier, Vermont and underground mom April Curtis/Meyer was found hiding in Rochester, NY; Rosalyn Beasley in Montpellier, VT -- while young attorneys Alan Rosenfeld and Garnett Harrison of Harrison and Rosenfeld started the protective parent law firm.
Now the pressure is on the legal system to bring Claudia Librett to trial and send her to prison. She is the first to continue to litigate her case through an attorney while in hiding, parentally kidnapping her child for amost 4 years -- a horrific situation for the left-behind victim father, his parents, grandparents and other family members who most likely spent thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars to search for the kidnapped child. Let's not forget the emotional impact on this 7 year old child who had to live underground under multiple identities.
For those of us who have walked in this father's shoes or are still walking in his shoes, we want to let him know that we are very happy for he and his family! He can now provide his daughter with a good home, education and stable surroundings that his child rightfully deserves. [more breaking news on this case...]