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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The San Diego IVAT Conference - the deadline to surrender

In covering the underground cases for the past decade, one thing is perfectly clear, the professionals come out to one of the Domestic Violence or Abuse and Trauma conferences in San Diego to promote the "protective parent" or undeground parental kidnapping cause. This makes us very angry as how can anyone promote kidnapping a child from another parent, there are always legal alternatives. Furthermore, why would any parent use their child as a "poster child" for any cause like Holly Ann Collins and the rest of the protective parent cause is doing with Jennifer Collins.

In reviewing the program to this conference we find some of the professionals deeply involved in past cases representing underground moms are actually speaking at these conferences regarding custody evalauations. We see the same names, Joyanna Silberg, Richard Ducote, Meera Fox and Alan Rosenfeld. If it were our child that needed protected, these individuals would be the last that we would want involved in the case.

We find others with questionable backgrounds like Connie Valentine of the California Protective Parents Assocation who awarded Jennifer Collins with their medal of courage. According to the Sacramento Bee Newspaper, Connie Valentine claimed a satanic cult forced her to kill people when she was a little girl....

"A state employee who works with mental health patients has been reassigned to administrative duties after her appearance on a nationally televised show in which she claimed a satanic cult forced her to kill people when she was a little girl." See:

I always find it fascinating how some youthful district attorneys are unable to discern the A list child abuse professionals from the others. Some of these organizations are filled with what I call "extremists" with tenets similar to some very horrible organizations in American history.

In any regard, these San Diego Conferences have in the past decade have publcized many child abuse and underground cases from Kee McFarland the puppet lady in the McMartin Preschool case to Faye Yager of the Children of the Underground. Before this year, we thought with Faye Yager and Joan Pennington's alleged retirement that the underground or protective parent cause was dead. With today's CPS Services vastly improved since they were originally formed with the Modale Act of 1974, why would it be necessary for any mother or parent to go undeground? Unfortunately, in San Diego last month, there are some who still believe this is a legal alternative. I just hope that no one who attended that conference believed it.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Holly Ann Collins - 43

One thing I noticed about underground moms is that the before and after pictures should convince any mother never to go underground. Living underground, especially in a foreign country is not easy and mothers living in hiding often go without proper healthcare. One underground mom, Dorie Singley died of a brain aneurysm while underground because she did not seek appropriate medical care.

See the before and after pictures of Holly Ann Collins below.

Photos: Fox9

Holly Ann Collins Pleads Guility - Moms Up Finally

Okay, Holly Ann Collins finally plead guilty. But where's the remorse? Where's the restitution for the searching parent victim? The District Attorney wimped out in this case but he also saved the searching victim parent from having to endure a long court case costing the taxpayers thousands of dollars. Where's the gag order on Holly Ann Collins or her parentally brainwashed child? You take the law into your own hands and you get 40 hours of community service?

I hope this is the last we've heard of Holly Ann Collins. I hope she goes on to become a productive member of society by taking care of her young children. And finally, I hope she doesn't think she has a book deal here! Book readers are more interested in reading about more credible people such as Alec Baldwin.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another Parental Kidnapping Case

The plight and frustrations of left-behind victim parents like the former spouse of Holly Ann Collins could further be described in the case of David Goldman and his quest to retrieve his son from Brazil. After Goldman's former spouse, a citizen of Brazil kidnapped their son Sean Goldman to Brazil, she later died. Since then, the left-behind parent David Goldman who recently appeared on the Today Show with his story, has been unable to bring his son back home to the United States. Meanwhile, in Brazil, the mother's new husband has taken efforts in Brazil to adopt the child and remove David's name from the child's birth certificate, eventhough the child was born in the United States. See his blog below.

David Goldman Blog

There hasn't been much to write about Holly Ann Collins. She doesn't have the courage to mom-up and turn herself in to authorities. We sincerely hope that any responsible journalists will not waste their time and write any favorable stories about doing so, they would show how insensitive that would be to the left-behind parent...the other victim in these cases.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Holly Ann Collins won't Mom Up until after the Olympics

We've been following these underground parental kidnapping cases for years and there is little doubt Holly Ann Collins won't be surrendering until after the Olympics. In these types of case, the proclaimed indigent parental kidnapper seeks publicity for her story to raise money for her defense. I believe this strategy is promoted by the underground attorneys who are know to fly around the country and have a desire to stay in very nice hotels, even when paid for by local public defender's offices or the parental kidnapper's families. For that to happen, she must use the media.

I've seen her story promoted on many of the websites and I simply can't believe how the site owners can unilaterally copy and paste the information provided to them by Holly Ann Collins or her alleged supporters. To be honest, some of the information appears like a template from the other cases, all she had to do was to substitute her name.

So enjoy the rest of your summer Holly Ann Collins because I am hoping that after the Olympics, it's your turn to "mom up"!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Bail or No Bail

Our U.S. Constitution guarantees every individual the right to reasonable bail. A court may deny bail in cases charging murder or treason, or when there is a danger that the defendant will flee or commit mayhem. Parental kidnapper Clark Rockefeller is currently being held without bail.

In parental kidnapping cases it is common for judges to set a very high amount of bail and unusual to deny bail completely. There is little doubt Clark Rockefeller and Holly Ann Collins if arrested 14 years ago would not be flight risks. In both cases, the protection of the young children from a re-abduction would have been at issue and a very high bail or not bail would be in order. However, now that the Collins children are adults, it is likely that Holly Collins if and when she decides to "mom up" will not be held without bail or a high bail set.

That all said, there should be conditions of bail. For example, Collins should agree to surrender all passports. All victims including her adult children should refrain from contact with the accused so she cannot influence their testimony. Holly Collin's former spouse did not see his children for 14 years, would one or two years during a jury trial be really that bad. Finally, a gag order should prevent her from criticizing the very system that she alleges could not protect her children. This case needs to be determined in a court room rather than in the media.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Clark Rockefeller Case Updates

Here are some updates from on the Clark Rockefeller case. The abducting father is in jail without bail.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

NY Daily News is reporting Clark Rockefeller in Custody

For searching parent Sandra Boss, the fantastic news today is that her daughter has been found and her former spouse, Clark Rockefeller is in custody. Rockefeller is reported to have been located in Maryland. The child will be reunited with her mother shortly.

For Sandra Boss, this horrible parental kidnapping and nightmare ended in a several days. For Holly Ann Collin's former spouse and his family members, it took 14 years for them to know the location of their children.

I think each and every left-behind victim parent is disgusted with the actions of Holly Ann Collins for the last 14 years. That said, all of us are happy for Sandra Boss.

Friday, August 01, 2008

The Kid is With a Parent, How Bad Can It Be? - Don't Say This!

On the NBC Today Show this morning, veteran reporter Matt Lauer asked the former baby sitter of 7-year old Reigh Boss if she thought alleged parental kidnapper Clark Rockefeller was a threat to the safety of the girl. The former baby sitter replied, "From what I know of Clark, I don't think he would ever harm her physically."

This leads to the plight of left-behind victim parents like Sandra L. Boss, a senior partner at McKinsey & Co. As even veteran reporters like Matt Lauer try to uncover the persona of a parental kidnapper, the answer is no one has any idea if this child is safe and few are qualified to render an opinion. A few social scientists may provide a opinion, but none of us really no for sure since Clark Rockefeller has gone undergrond, dropped out our criminal justice and family court system like Holly Ann Collins did.

This furthermore leads me to a point made by Ernie Allen, the President of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Center. He says,

"The incidence study clearly establishes that the problem of child abduction by family members is a serious one in the United States and promises to become a greater policy challenge for elected officials. Yet is a problem that many law-enforcement and criminal-justice officials choose not to address. Far to frequently, we hear...parental kidnapping is not a law-enforcement problem, it is a civil problem, domestic relations, something lawyers should work out, ... the kid is with a parent, how bad can it be?"

For searching parents like Sandra Boss and Holly Ann Collin's former spouse the very worst thing anyone especially a law enforcement official or a member of the media could ever say or even think is the following: "at least your child is with the other parent, how bad can it be?" Well, for any searching parent it's bad, it's horrible! In Sandra Boss' case, she is probably thinking, will I ever see my 7 year old daughter again? For Holly Ann Collin's former spouse, he spent 14 years with that same thought. For anyone to think that these children are not being harmed or were not harmed by a parental kidnapping is a truly a horrible thing.

For more information on on the Ernie Allen Article, here is a download link.

- The Editor
The Children of the Underground Watch Newsletter
"Holly Ann Collin's it's time to Mom Up"
"Clark Rockefeller, it's time to Dad Up"

Socialite Sandra Boss - Plight of Victim Parents

If you have seen this morning's news including the NBC Today Show, U.K. socialite Sandra Boss and now left-behind victim parent is shown in a taped video begging for the return of her daughter. Her former husband Clark Rockefeller kidnapped her daughter from Boston, Massachusetts. Boss is a Senior Partner with McKinsey & Co. and had sole custody of her daughter in the UK and provided custody access (I hate the word visitation) in the United States to her former spouse. The daughter was abducted during that time. Rockefeller was the main caregiver for the child prior to the divorce.

Sandra Boss is not the first high-profile executive to be involved in a family abduction. In the late '90s, Ellen Dever went underground with her daughter and her former spouse the left-behind parent was a very wealthy businessman. He offered a $1 million reward. That father even allowed his picture to be printed on Time Magazine. That case was also controversial because photo journalist Allan Detrich took pictures of Ellen Dever going underground during the kidnapping. The children were later found by a private detective in Switzerland and returned to the father but only after he filed a lawsuit against Faye Yager. There are some who believe that Yager took some of that reward money.

In 1994, when Holly Ann Collins abducted her children, we did not see the type of media coverage that the Sandra Boss case is getting. For any left-behind parent, it is a horrbile nightmere to be put in the position of having to find their kidnapped children. Especially with the limited resources available to them. In these cases, here are some of their options:

1. Television Media - Back in 1994, it was every parent's dream to get their case covered on Adam Walsh's America's Most Wanted TV show. For many of these parent's it's a very long wait, often years. The Boss case will be featured on the next show, I imagine the Holly Ann Collins case was not covered.

2. ADVO Direct Mail Cards - You've seen these post cards in your mail, they are sent to 120 million households in the United States. I imagine the Collins children may have appeared on these cards but they were in Europe.

3. FBI - Sometimes it takes months to get the FBI to enter a family abduction case because you must prove the abducting parent left the state or the country. Unfortunately, it's not a top priority and I imagine the Boss case will get more attention then the Collins case did. There are also times when the FBI can put pressure on the local law enforcement of the other country to deport the parent, which has not yet been case with Holly Ann Collins in the Netherlands.

4. Amber System - It's a new system and it helps get the word out quickly in all missing kids cases.

5. Local Law Enforcment - When children are taken internationally, it makes it very difficult for most of these agencies. They just don't have the resources and usually it helps when task forces are formed with the local district attorney's office, FBI and local police department.

6. U.S. State Department - They may be helpful in obtaining information on a passport for an abucted child and for a safety health and welfare check.

7. Private Detectives - If parents have the economic means, they can use private detectives and attorneys to subpoena phone records, credit cards and obtain information from family members and relatives. In the majority of cases the immediate family members have knowledge and somtimes can be pressured legally and through litigation to divulge information. That said, many left-behind parents spend thousands to hundreds of thousands of dolllars on private detectives with limited results.

For Holly Ann Collin's left-behind custoidal and victim parent and for Sandra Boss, it is a parent's worst nighmere to be put in this position. That's why I've keep saying:

"Holly Ann Collins, it's time to Mom Up"

The Editor
The Children of the Underground Newsletter

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Information in the Holly Ann Collins Case

The information on the Holly Ann Collins case below was provided by Tasha. I'm not sure about the accuracy of this information but it pretty much follows the same course as the other underground parental kidnapping cases.

As the custodial-embattled underground mother's case starts to unravel, she begins to enlarge her story as well as the number of alleged abusers. The story may begin with a third party such as a day care center or a school, then move to the former spouse, to the former spouse's new wife, to the entire family. In the Faye Yager supported cases, Faye would often testify to an even enlarged set of very, very horrible events.

There is usually a discussion among the left-behind or victim parent and his or her family such as: does the abducting parent such as Holly Ann Collins really believe it or is she fabricating the story? The answer, I have no idea but in America, if and when Holly Ann Collins goes to trial, a jury and group of professional psychiatrists / mental health professionals will decide.

What is disturbing is that as the allegations get allegedly enlarged by Holly Ann Collins, you have misguided and most likely well-intentioned supporters accepting every bit of information from the parental kidnapper. It's even worse when the underground attorneys like Alan Rosenfeld call the media to publicize their case. In our experience, as that information is proven to be false, then those supporters look very foolish which horribly reflects on the initial tenets of their cause.

Thanks Tasha for the new information.

Lastly, as I've said before, "Holly Ann Collins, it's time to Mom UP", do the right thing and fly back to the United States, leave all of your children with their fathers and take some responsibility for your actions! You are not a heroic protective parent but you are a cowardly, narcissistic parental kidnapper!

The Editor

The Children of the Underground Watch

-- snip -- From Tasha....

1) New Information:

Holly has an x-ray of Zachary's skull which she claims was cracked from the abuse of her ex-husband. She has published this on YouTube. This same x-ray was used in a lawsuit Holly filed against a city in Mass. when Zachary fell and hit his head while playing.

2) To the Editor: To clarify your question;

Husband/Father number 1 - 2 children now ages 26 and 22.
Husband/Father number 2 - 1 child, now age 13.
Husband/Father number 3 - 7 children (2 adopted). She has 4 biological children with this man and claims to have adopted 3 more. According to other sources Holly Ann never married the father of these children. There has been no mention at all if he is joining them in the US. If not, is he just giving his 7 children up and what kind of father does that? Will she now marry him to bring him to the US with her? Who is this father and why has he not come to her defense? Does the Netherlands allow an unwed, non-citizen (the father also isn’t a citizen) with no income and who has FBI warrants for her arrest adopt 3 children?

3) Holly had 2 children with her ex-husband, not 3. This 3rd child wasn’t involved in the domestic abuse, at all, so he couldn’t have come home with bruises. Perhaps you can provide the details regarding this child, as there is no mention of him in any of the sources on the net. Not from Holly Ann, not from her daughter Jennifer and certainly not from any of those who claim to know Holly Ann and the facts “very well”.

4) Regarding the relatives, Holly Ann was and is very close to both her father and her brother Michael, there are some records he recently came to the Netherlands. Your claims regarding her ex-husband being a violent abuser as well as a pedophile (Holly Ann also claims he sexually assaulted the children) go against the unanimous opinion of experts in this field, and these people will continue to be abusive, always. Her ex-husband remarried before Holly left and has, by every account, a stable, happy family life. Now, Jennifer recently claimed in her Blog that Mark’s wife also abused them, yet this was never presented in the custody case. Again, there would be police reports of the abuse that was supposedly well documented as surely Holly or yourself would have immediately filed complaints.

It’s hard to imagine that her ex-husband doesn’t want his children to return “for fear of all that would be exposed” when, as stated above, it’s a travesty of justice because the court knew of all this abuse and as such it’s already been exposed. Perhaps a more logical reason for any reluctance is that Jennifer repeatedly claims her despise for him. If he did not abuse these children, and they continue to believe he did, one can imagine how painful a reunion would be.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Your Opinion on the Holly Ann Collins Case

What do you think of the Holly Ann Collins Case?

a) I do not support Holly Ann Collins because I believe she is an alleged Parental Kidnapper and should be deported by the Netherlands government immediately and should be turned over to the FBI and /or the Hennepin County Minnesota District Attorney to stand trial in the United States for parental kidnapping.

b) I do not support Holly Ann Collins because I believe she kidnapped her children out of anger or revenge and not to protect her children. I believe she did not have a reasonable belief her children would be harmed and she had many other legal alternatives before going underground with her children.

c) I do not support Holly Ann Collins because I believe she parentally kidnapped her children and that the emotional harm inflicted on them is a very cruel form of child abuse.

d) I support Holly Ann Collins because I have personal knowledge that Holly Collins is domestic violence victim and should be believed because she is a woman and a mother and all women and mothers would never lie to protect their children.

e) I support Holly Ann Collins because I think the U.S. Family law courts should go back to maternal custody because all women are more qualified than all men to raise their children. Furthermore if a divorce occurs, it's probably the father's fault and he should be punished. I believe as part of his lifelong punishment that he be entitled to weekend visitation only but more importantly that end result would be a larger amount of child support or cash for me.

f) I support Holly Ann Collins because I am a domestic violence survivor and if it happened to me, I know it happened to her.

g) I support Holy Ann Collins because I am a supporter of the "protective parent" cause. The publicity from Holly's case will hopefully encourage other mothers to go into hiding and that will help me professionally since I specialize in "protective parent" or underground cases.

h) I support Holly Ann Collins because I am one of Holly's family members or relatives and I believe any publicity in her case will possibly lead to a book and movie deal for Holly. Holly lives in poverty right and the book and movie deal is her only chance to improve her life.

i) I am undecided on this case.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Profile of a Family Abductor - Which one is Holly Ann Collins?

A National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Center booklet, Family Abduction lists six personality profiles identified by social scientists that may be helpful in predicting which parents pose a risk of abduction. Here are those profiles:
  1. Parents who have threatened to abduct or abducted previously.
  2. Parents who are suspicious or distrustful due to the belief that abuse has occurred and have social support for these beliefs.
  3. Parents who are paranoid delusional.
  4. Parents who are severely sociopathic.
  5. Parents who have strong ties to another country and are ending a mixed-culture marriage.
  6. Parents who feel alienated from the legal system for reasons such as they are members of a minority group, victims of abuse, and have family/social support in another community.
"Abducting parents across the six personality profiles share many common characteristics. They are likely to deny or dismiss the value of the other parent to the child. They believe they know what is best for the child, and they cannot see how or why they should share parenting with the other parent. They are likely to have very young children who are easy to transport and conceal and who are unlikely to protest verbally or tell others of their plight. With the exception of the paranoid profile, abducting parents are apt to have the financial and moral support of a network of family, friends, and/or cultural community or underground groups. Many abductors do not consider their actions illegal or morally wrong. Mothers and fathers are equally likely to abduct, although at different times - fathers before a court order and mothers after an order has been made. "

To find out more about this info, you can download the booklet.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Holly Ann Collins 10 Children from 3 different fathers

I have been receiving conflicting information about the number of children

Husband/Father number 1 - 2 children now ages 26 and 22.
Husband/Father number 2 - 1 child, now age 13.
Husband/Father number 3 - 7 children (2 adopted).

Can someone please send this info to or post a comment? Also, please don't include the names of any minor children.

Also, does anyone know if she is divorcing husband or father 3 or wants to bring him to the United States with her?

The Editor
The Children of the Underground Watch
"Holly it's time to Mom Up"

Parental Kidnapping Laws Violated by Holly Ann Collins

In 1994, when Holly Ann Collins kidnapped her children, she violated the following laws of the United States of America. The penalty for this horrible crime against her own children is 2 to 4 years in a federal or state prison.

1) International Parental Kidnapping Crime Act of 1993.
"Sec. 1204. International parental kidnapping

"(a) Whoever removes a child from the United States or
retains a child (who has been in the United States) outside the
United States with intent to obstruct the lawful exercise of
parental rights shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not
more than 3 years, or both.

"(b) As used in this Section --

"(1) the term 'child' means a person who has not attained
the age of 16 years: and

"(2) the term 'parental rights', with respect to a child,
means the right to physical custody of the child --

"(A) whether joint or sole (and includes visiting rights);

"(B) whether arising by operation of law, court order, or
legally binding agreement of the parties.

"(c) It shall be an affirmative defense under this
section that --

"(l) the defendant acted within the provisions of a valid
Court order granting the defendant legal custody or visitation
rights and that order was obtained pursuant to the Uniform Child
Custody Jurisdiction Act and was in effect at the time of the

"(2) the defendant was fleeing an incidence or pattern oœ
domestic violence;

"(3) the defendant had physical custody of the child
pursuant to a court order granting legal custody or visitation
rights and failed to return the child as a result of
circumstances beyond the defendant's control, and the defendant
notified or made reasonable attempts to notify the other parent
or lawful custodian of the child of such circumstances within 24
hours after the visitation period had expired and returned the
child as soon as possible.

2) 2007 Minnesota Statutes

Subdivision 1. Prohibited acts. Whoever intentionally does any of the following acts may
be charged with a felony and, upon conviction, may be sentenced as provided in subdivision 6:

(1) conceals a minor child from the child's parent where the action manifests an intent
substantially to deprive that parent of parental rights or conceals a minor child from another
person having the right to parenting time or custody where the action manifests an intent to
substantially deprive that person of rights to parenting time or custody;

(2) takes, obtains, retains, or fails to return a minor child in violation of a court order which
has transferred legal custody under chapter 260, 260B, or 260C to the commissioner of human
services, a child-placing agency, or the local social services agency;

(3) takes, obtains, retains, or fails to return a minor child from or to the parent in violation of
a court order, where the action manifests an intent substantially to deprive that parent of rights toparenting time or custody;

(4) takes, obtains, retains, or fails to return a minor child from or to a parent after
commencement of an action relating to child parenting time or custody but prior to the issuance
of an order determining custody or parenting time rights, where the action manifests an intent
substantially to deprive that parent of parental rights;

(5) retains a child in this state with the knowledge that the child was removed from another
state in violation of any of the above provisions;

(6) refuses to return a minor child to a parent or lawful custodian and is at least 18 years old
and more than 24 months older than the child;

(7) causes or contributes to a child being a habitual truant as defined in section 260C.007,
subdivision 19 , and is at least 18 years old and more than 24 months older than the child;

(8) causes or contributes to a child being a runaway as defined in section 260C.007,
subdivision 28 , and is at least 18 years old and more than 24 months older than the child; or

(9) is at least 18 years old and resides with a minor under the age of 16 without the consent
of the minor's parent or lawful custodian.

Subd. 2. Defenses. It is an affirmative defense if a person charged under subdivision 1
proves that:

(1) the person reasonably believed the action taken was necessary to protect the child from
physical or sexual assault or substantial emotional harm;

(2) the person reasonably believed the action taken was necessary to protect the person
taking the action from physical or sexual assault;

(3) the action taken is consented to by the parent, stepparent, or legal custodian seeking
prosecution, but consent to custody or specific parenting time is not consent to the action of
failing to return or concealing a minor child; or

(4) the action taken is otherwise authorized by a court order issued prior to the violation of
subdivision 1.

The defenses provided in this subdivision are in addition to and do not limit other defenses
available under this chapter or chapter 611.

Subd. 2a. Original intent clarified. To the extent that it states that subdivision 2 creates
affirmative defenses to a charge under this section, subdivision 2 clarifies the original intent of the legislature in enacting Laws 1984, chapter 484, section 2, and does not change the substance of this section. Subdivision 2 does not modify or alter any convictions entered under this section
before August 1, 1988.

Subd. 3. Venue. A person who violates this section may be prosecuted and tried either
in the county in which the child was taken, concealed, or detained or in the county of lawful
residence of the child.

Subd. 4. Return of child; costs. A child who has been concealed, obtained, or retained in
violation of this section shall be returned to the person having lawful custody of the child or shall
be taken into custody pursuant to section 260C.175, subdivision 1, paragraph (b), clause (2). In
addition to any sentence imposed, the court may assess any expense incurred in returning the
child against any person convicted of violating this section. The court may direct the appropriate
county welfare agency to provide counseling services to a child who has been returned pursuant
to this subdivision.

Subd. 5. Dismissal of charge. A felony charge brought under this section shall be dismissed
(a) the person voluntarily returns the child within 48 hours after taking, detaining, or failing
to return the child in violation of this section; or

(b)(1) the person taking the action and the child have not left the state of Minnesota; and (2)
within a period of seven days after taking the action, (i) a motion or proceeding under chapter
518, 518A, 518B, 518C, or 518D is commenced by the person taking the action, or (ii) the
attorney representing the person taking the action has consented to service of process by the
party whose rights are being deprived, for any motion or action pursuant to chapter 518, 518A,
518B, 518C, or 518D.
Clause (a) does not apply if the person returns the child as a result of being located by
law enforcement authorities.
This subdivision does not prohibit the filing of felony charges or an offense report before the
expiration of the 48 hours.

Subd. 6. Penalty. (a) Except as otherwise provided in paragraph (b) and subdivision 5,
whoever violates this section may be sentenced as follows:

(1) to imprisonment for not more than two years or to payment of a fine of not more than
$4,000, or both; or

(2) to imprisonment for not more than four years or to payment of a fine of not more than
$8,000, or both, if the court finds that:

(i) the defendant committed the violation while possessing a dangerous weapon or caused
substantial bodily harm to effect the taking;

(ii) the defendant abused or neglected the child during the concealment, detention, or
removal of the child;

(iii) the defendant inflicted or threatened to inflict physical harm on a parent or lawful
custodian of the child or on the child with intent to cause the parent or lawful custodian to
discontinue criminal prosecution;

(iv) the defendant demanded payment in exchange for return of the child or demanded
to be relieved of the financial or legal obligation to support the child in exchange for return
of the child; or

(v) the defendant has previously been convicted under this section or a similar statute of
another jurisdiction.

(b) A violation of subdivision 1, clause (7), is a gross misdemeanor. The county attorney
shall prosecute violations of subdivision 1, clause (7).

Subd. 7. Reporting of deprivation of parental rights. Any violation of this section shall be reported pursuant to section 626.556, subdivision 3a.

Underground Group - Cult or Cause?

In an issue of the ABA Family Advocate Magazine in 1995, an article titled: "Notes from the Underground: A Dialogue Among Attorneys Who Have Been There" written by Underground and Protective Parent "Cause" Attorney Shelia Brogna contains the following quote from Underground Attorney Alan Rosenfeld.

"Rosenfeld wonders why the courts are so invested in shared custody/vistation?"

In the last decade, it's always been my assumption that most of the Family Law Courts and our society have been moving away from "Maternal Custody" or the "Tender Years Doctrine".

Here's the Wikipedia definition of the Tender Years Doctrine:

The Tender Years Doctrine is a legal doctrine in child custody cases which has existed in Family Law since the late 19th century. The doctrine presumes that during a child's tender years (generally regarded as the of age thirteen and under), the custody of the child should be that of the mother's. This doctrine is applicable in divorce proceedings, but has been replaced on the books in by most states by the "Best Interests of the Children" doctrine of child custody. Several courts have held that the Tender Years Doctrine violates the Equal Protection Clause in the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

I notice unconditional almost "cult-like" support for Holly Ann Collins on several websites for this proclaimed underground or protective parent mom. I also notice that some of the attorneys represent themselves as "protective parent attorneys" in an near "cult-like" manner.

I'm not sure if Holly Ann Collin's supporters are a "cult" or a "cause" but in following these cases over the past two decades, I am sure that when Holly Ann Collins stayed in hiding for fourteen yeas, it was not in the "best interests of the children" in support of "shared custody".

"It's time for Holly Ann Collins to mom up and surrender to Hennepin County Minnesota law enforcement authorities."

Friday, July 18, 2008

Please help this couragous family. =PETITION=

This is our version of the current petition that some of the Domestic Violence groups are sending around. I realize that everyone has an opinion on the guilt or innocence of Holly Ann Collins, but as in the other cases the only way to determine it is for Holly Collins to go to trial. In my opinion, these petitions are a form of abuse and harassment against the District Attorney's Office.


"Fourteen years ago, in a desperate and cowardice act of anger and revenge to prevent her children from having a relationship with their custodial parent, Holly Collins kidnapped her children and "went underground". She violated a court order and fled the country with her three young children after the Minneapolis Family Court ruled that they must lawfully live with their custodial father, even after both parents participated in court ordered custody and psychiatric evaluations. Holly Ann Collins was investigated by child protection services and acussed of having munchasens syndrome by proxy. Now Holly and her adult children want to come home to America because they are living on welfare in the Netherlands. The Minneapolis District Attorney is enforcing our nation's parental kidnapping charges."

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Video for the Holly Ann Collins Children

There is a nationwide non-profit organization and support group for helping missing children recover. It's mission is to empower former abducted children to respond to family abduction by facilitating the healing, providing knowledge and raising public issue awareness from the unique perspective of the abducted child.

I urge the Holly Ann Collins Children to take advantage of their resources. Here is the link to contact them.

Contact Information

I also urge all of you to view their video below and take a look at their website.

TakeRoot.Org Website
"Child abduction, in particular, abduction by family members, impacts hundreds of thousands of families every year.

Every member of Take Root was an abducted child, allowing us to offer an unusual perspective on missing children and family abduction."

Protecting the Parental Kidnapping Victim

The Holly Ann Collins Case is one or more of the following:
  • An International Parental Kidnapping Case
  • A Family Violence Case
  • A Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy Case
  • A Parental Alienation Case
Inasmuch as we can debate all of the above, the only way to get to the truth in this matter is to bring Holly Ann Collins to criminal trial. Furthermore, in a criminal trial you can't have the alleged criminal on trial having close contact with the victims, to influence their testimony. So that's why any District Attorney in this country would take all necessary steps to ensure the rights of the victim and that the criminal can receive a fair trial.

From reading the blog of Holly Ann Collin's daughter, if you believe that she is writing it, then you have to feel sorry for her. At your young age it's horrible that her proclaimed protective mom has her soliciting for money for her mom's defense. Why would any "protective mom" or "protective parent" inflict this on her child?

As I've said before, Holly Ann Collins, it's time for you to "mom up" and surrender to authorities! Let your daughter go on with her life and don't inflict any more harm on her than you already have.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008 - Letter Writing Campaign

The Executive Director of, a federally funded organization who receives taxpayer dollars as part of the Violence Against Women Act, is sponsoring a letter writing campaign to the Minnesota District Attorney and Minnesota Governor urging them to not prosecute Holly Ann Collins for International parental kidnapping.

As a taxpayer in the United States, I don't like my taxes used by a tax-exempt Domestic Violence Organization in this manner, especially when I am one who believes domestic violence or family violence to be a gender neutral crime and more importantly attribute parental kidnapping as one of the most severe forms of family violence. These funds should be used for law-abiding citizens.

If Holly Ann Collins were to have contacted the District Attorney while underground, fourteen years ago my opinion might be different. But instead, she stayed in hiding and now is trying to wrongfully lobby our nation's domestic violence groups to support her. These groups neither have the legal staff or the resources to determine her guilt or innocence and because they receive federal funds, they should focus on helping law-abiding women in their community. It is imperative that the Domestic Violence community not actively support parenting kidnapping since they refer women to shelters -- and these shelters currently house many women with their children. The last thing this country needs is women and children hiding their children in federally funded shelters from our family courts.

I recognize that the Organization has their First Amendment Right to free speech, but the last thing I would consider doing with my time is to create a letter writing campaign to the New York VAWA Program Specialist asking them to investigate this organization and the use of their funds. My words to this Executive Director, stop the letter writing and use your resources to convince Holly Ann Collins to surrender to law enforcement officials.

As I've said before, Holly Ann Collins, it's time to "mom up". You need to fly back to the United States and plead gulity and take responsibility for your actions. Let's not waste the resources and time of others because of your case. It is selfish and not respectful of others.

What is Famiy Abduction?

I've been reading some comments about the Holly Ann Collins Family Abduction case and it occurred to me that most people have very little knowledge about this horrible crime against children. Here are several links:
(Stop Family Abductions Now is part of the Polly Klass Organization.)

What is Family Abduction?

Family abduction happens when a family member, usually a parent, kidnaps and conceals a child for any length of time. It is a serious crime that happens to over 203,000 families a year and yet it is not even considered a felony in every state. The emotional, psychological and physical impact on children is often so significant that family abduction is considered a form of child endangerment.

While education is the first step to take on this national problem, we've also got some great next steps you can take to protect kids from the trauma of family abduction by telling your legislators to help pass laws that will help prevent family abductions across the country. Click here to take action today!

Five Things You Might Not Know About Family Abductions
  1. Each year, over 203,000 children (78% of all missing children!) in the U.S. are abducted by a family member, usually a parent.
  2. The biggest motive for family abduction is revenge against another parent, not the child's safety.
  3. More than half of abducting parents have a history of violent behavior, a criminal record, or a substance abuse problem.
  4. Children abducted by family members often suffer severe lifelong emotional and psychological damage.
  5. Nearly 70% of law enforcement agencies do not have a written policy on how to respond to a family abduction.
Family Abduction Booklet for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children - A must read for the Domestic Violence and the Family Violence Volunteers and Community Members.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Holly Ann Collins - it's time to "Mom Up"

Holly Ann Collins wants her day in a United States Family Court. She like many underground moms think that the family court and judicial system were not capable of dealing with the custody of her children. She thinks her divorce and issues is much different than every other divorcing couple in the United States...even our celebrities such as Kim Basinger - Alec Baldwin, Tom Cruise - Nicole Kidman, David and Pamela Hasselhoff and most recently Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook.

So what is so special about Holly Ann Collins case that would compel her to believe that America's court system was not capable of determining the custody of her children. The same court system that handles the divorces of all other law bidding Americans. The answer is that there is nothing special and that this is really a case about Parental Kidnapping. Luckily, only a handful of a parents kidnap their children rather that let our court systems decide custody.

Holly Ann Collins, it's time that you "mom up " to your responsibilities as a parent and a mother. Follow the lead of Christie Brinkley who recently settled with Peter Cook after a flurry of allegations. You need to quit hiding in the Netherlands and get on the first plane back to the United States to take responsibility for your actions.

Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook

Bring on the News Media - Holly Ann Collins

In following the underground moms over the past several decades, there is another common theme. The narcissistic underground moms like Holly Ann Collins always want news publicity for their case. It's as if their ultimate goal in life is to follow in the path of Elizabeth Morgan, a book deal, TV news coverage and a Movie deal (it never occurred for Elizabeth Morgan who is married to Federal Judge Paul Michel) and it was underground attorney Garnett Harrison's demise when she was disbarred for trying to sell the movie and book rights for the Foxworth case.

In addition, these underground moms will not act "in the best interests of their children" but will once again use these children as pawns.

In these cases, the media rarely gets in right with the exception of John Hockenberry (who got the child to disclose that his mom made him say those things) and Connie Chung.

There are also reporters who were fooled by these underground moms as the cases started to unravel. When these moms were eventually found guilty, the journalists were no where to be found.

For more info on the journalists who have covered these underground stories, see:

See the Underground Leaders

In the News

Monday, July 14, 2008

Children's Drawings as Evidence

In August of 1998, Sharon E. Wimperis, 50, an underground mom was escorted into District Court for a bail review hearing wearing a black-and-white striped jail jumpsuit, handcuffs and shackles. Wimperis went underground with her son in June 1990 after losing custody in a Carroll County Maryland Circuit Court and was in hiding for 8 years.

Sharon Wimperis and Holly Ann Collins have two things in common, both are/were underground mothers and both used their children's drawing or artwork as alleged evidence that their child's safety was in jeopardy.

Using children's artwork in such a manner is extremely controversial since it is impossible to know if the children were coached when they the artwork was created. In addition, the one that was allegedly watching the child when they created the artwork is almost always the underground mother. Furthermore, for some of the drawing critics say that the underground moms often supply coloring books with highly suggestive pictures, similiar to anatomical dolls, which are no longer used by therapists.

There is one more difference between the children's artwork in these two cases. In 1993, Sharon Wimperis provided the Washinton Post with her son's drawings for a front page story. In 2008, Holly Ann Collin's daughter's drawings appear on, allegedly posted by her 22 year old daughter (if you believe that).

Finally, the interpretation of those drawings is never done by a licensed therapist, but by the underground mom herself. That's what makes both of these cases very, very sad. I believe Holly Ann Collins deserves her day in a United States Court, just like Sharon Wimperis eventually did. For the sake of Holly's children and all other parentally kidnapped children, I hope that happens soon.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Holly Ann Collins Case An Insult to Victim Parents

The Holly Ann Collins case is an insult to all searching, recovering victim parents of Family Abductions and their family members. The Netherlands should immediately deport Holly Ann Collins back to the United States.

We applaud the efforts of District Attorney Liz Cutter who I understand has an impressive legal background. She is standing up for the rights of all victim parents of their family members.

If you don't like the decision of a Family Law Court in the United States, you can't take the law into your own hands and kidnap your children to another country. There are always legal alternatives.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Underground Attorney Alan Rosenfeld

In 1990, a 77 page bound book was published by The National Center and Family Law by H. Joan Pennington and Laurie Woods, The Legal issues and Legal Options In Civil Child Sexual Abuse Cases: Representing the Protective Parent. This book was considered the manual for custodial embattled mothers and their defense attorneys seeking to copy Elizabeth Morgan Case and go underground. The Morgan case is frequently cited in the book as well as other famous cases such as Foxworth vs. Foxworth and Mirabito vs Mirabito. Some of the topics in this book include:
  • Why have mothers gone underground?
  • Attorneys: Revealing Client's Whereabouts
  • Representing a Client Considering Going Underground
  • Sample Pleadings
  • Resource Organizations
On the last page of this book under Resource Organizations is the law firm of Harrison & Rosenfeld (Garnett Harrison Esq. and Alan Rosenfeld, Esq.) In addition, the sample pleadings are from Alan Rosenfeld's cases.

Some members of the family abduction community have always asserted that this book serves several purposes: 1) A Recruiting Book for mothers thinking of going underground; 2) A How to book for those mothers to setup their legal defense and 3) A sales brochure for the Underground Law Firm. In fact several underground moms in the Information Binder have included material from this book as their so called evidence for going on the lam.

For those of you who have never seen a picture of underground attorney Alan Rosenfeld with his tossled hair and '60s hair cut, he appears more like a hippie than an attorney. In following his cases which includes videos we've seen from protest rallies for her clients leading chants over a bull horn, at times we think that the underground might be some type of cult. He is often seen holding hands with his clients. We've heard from many of the court baliffs that he often makes them nervous with his close contact with his women clients, often in the holding cells.

With all that said, there is an quote from Alan Rosenfeld in the Winter 1995 edition of the Family Advocate:

"Alan Rosenfeld recalls an analogy made by Richard DuCote, a New Orleans attorney who has represented many women accussed of making false sexual abuse allegations. 'It's like a mtoher whose child is in the middle of the freeway. She has three choices: (1) Watch her child be killed; (2) Run into the road, throw the child to safety, and be hit herself; or (3) Stay with her child and be killed together. Which is the best choice?'"

Finally, both Alan Rosenfeld and Richard DuCote represented Elizabeth Morgan. He is now representing Holly Ann Collins in the most recent Underground Case.

Holly Ann Collins Blog

Here is the link to Holly Ann Collin's blog. It is alleged to be written by her daughter Jennifer, but some of us believe the true author to be Holly Ann Collins.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A Very Sad Story - The Victim Begging for Money

If you have followed the Underground cases over the past 20 years, you would find several similarities in these cases.

  1. Publicity - The mothers always seek publicity in their cases and are willing to exploit their children in every way possible. From U.S. News and World Reports, The Pittsburgh Post Gazette to CBS 48 Hours. This year's case is that of Holly Ann Collins and the child exploited is her kidnapped daughter and victim in the case Jennifer Collins. Jennifer has a blog on the Internet and is posting info on or for her mother. It would not surprise me if her mother Holly wasn't helping her daughter with every word posted on the Internet.
  2. Underground Attorney - The underground attorney is Alan Rosenfeld and he has appeared in many other underground cases. In one case the underground mom was found guilty and sentenced to prison. In another case, he applied to represent the underground mom in another state but was denied pro hac vice representation.
  3. Legal Fees - We once heard that when an underground mom goes into hiding, she has to provide the underground with thousands of dollars which would be held in escrow for her defense, if arrested. In addition, the underground will ask for donations from community members for the mother's defense. These fees are used to pay for the underground attorneys expenses which include flights and hotels. The hotels are some of finest in the city. In some of the cases the underground mom will claim she is indigent and will ask for a public defender to represent her which means that the county will pay for all expert witnesses. These experts will be flown in from all of the United States.
  4. Allegations - The underground book written by H. Joan Pennington and Laurie Woods advises mothers to create new forums for their allegations. For many cases, there are new allegations each month and by the time the criminal trial starts, the allegation list gets even bigger with no supporting evidence. For the father in the Holly Ann Collins case, after 14 years he will once again hear about these allegations yet he was robbed of his custodial rights for 14 years. He may have remarried and moved on with his life, but now 14 years later his former spouse is back to disparage him. Furthermore, you have a now adult child, Jennifer Collins, the victim in the case who is also disparaging him....yet everything she knows has been fed to her by her parental alienator mother.
  5. Counseling - If Holly Ann Collins were a concered and "protective parent", why wouldn't she be raising money to provide therapy for her children rather than a legal defense fee?
The worse part about this story is that Jennifer Collins is begging for money for her mother. This in our opinion is white collar begging. She's not on the street corner with a paper cup but on the Internet providing her mother's bank account number. Meanwhile, her nacissistic mother has ten children in The Netherlands and lives on welfare.

Jennifer Collins belongs in college where she might have been had she not be parentally kidnapped by her proclaimed "protective parent". Unfortunately, after living in refugee camps and now living abroad, she's begging for money. It's a very, very sad story.

Allan Detrich Resigns - He Doctored 79 Photos

Allan Detrich, the controversial photojournalist who we alleged was not just photographing and reporting news resigned from the Toledo Blade after it was discovered that it altered 79 photos. It was not the first time that Allan Detrich's ethical conduct has been questioned.

In December 1997, his photo essay on Amanda Meyer (Amanda Monet) and underground moms Bonnie Rubenstein and Ellen Dever with news reporter McKenzie Carpenter were questioned. Detrich photographed these mom while they were kidnapping their children. There are many of us who believe that Allan Detrich and McKenzie Carpenter aided and abetted in these crimes. Without the Detrich and Carpenter and the related publicity and notoriety, these narcissistic moms may not have gone into hiding. They would have gone to family court or court ordered psychiatric counseling -- a far better legal alternative.

We are happy that the Toledo Blade and the rest of the Journalism Industry finally found out the truth about Allan Detrich. In our opinion, he got what the deserved.

Underground Moms - Necessity Defense?

Underground Mom April Curtis Meyer gave birth to three different children with three different men. She took one of her husbands underground then divorced him while in hiding.

Underground Mom Marisa Ann Sketo-Kirsch "Nuke Mom" kidnapped her son from her custodial father from York, South Carolina in June 1996. Marisa Kirsch was arrested and charged in October 2007 in South Africa and charged with importing and exporting components of nuclear devices, spark gaps which are used to detonate nuclear bombs. The devices were sold to a Pakistani company.

Underground Mom Holly Ann Collins who kidnapped her children in 1994 ignoring the Family Court verdict that gave her former spouse custody. She now has ten children from two different men. She lived in refugee camps while on the run and is now living on welfare.

These underground mom cases also sound the same. It appears the International Domestic Violence Community is once again lobbying around the underground mom with the Holly Ann Collins case. In these cases, the underground moms will usually claim they fled out of "necessity" to proect their children also know as the "Necessity Defense" in the Joan Pennington's and Alan Rosenfeld's Underground Book.

It's very hard for me to believe that these women did not exhaust their legal alternatives in the United States of America before they fled. Besides, welfare refugee camps, the sale of nuclear devices, that doesn't sound like a great life for these American Children.

Underground Mom - Holly Ann Collins

Alan Rosenfeld, the attorney for the Children of the Underground Group or Cult is now back in the news, now representing Underground Mother Holly Ann Collins. On January 30, 1994 Holly Collins fled Hennepin County, Minnesota after losing custody of her children.

Her kidnapped children are now 25 and 21. They were discovered in The Netherlands, only after a neighbor reporting her to the FBI. The neighbor discovered the information on the Internet and complained that the underground mom was the plague to the neighborhood, with five more biological children and three adopted children. She was living on welfare.

Rosenfeld entered the case in March but many of us who have been following the Children of the Underground wonder if he is representing Holly Collins as part of the life-time legal representation afforded most underground moms.

Was this a Faye Yager, Children of the Underground Case? It sure seems like it!