Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another Parental Kidnapping Case

The plight and frustrations of left-behind victim parents like the former spouse of Holly Ann Collins could further be described in the case of David Goldman and his quest to retrieve his son from Brazil. After Goldman's former spouse, a citizen of Brazil kidnapped their son Sean Goldman to Brazil, she later died. Since then, the left-behind parent David Goldman who recently appeared on the Today Show with his story, has been unable to bring his son back home to the United States. Meanwhile, in Brazil, the mother's new husband has taken efforts in Brazil to adopt the child and remove David's name from the child's birth certificate, eventhough the child was born in the United States. See his blog below.

David Goldman Blog

There hasn't been much to write about Holly Ann Collins. She doesn't have the courage to mom-up and turn herself in to authorities. We sincerely hope that any responsible journalists will not waste their time and write any favorable stories about her...in doing so, they would show how insensitive that would be to the left-behind parent...the other victim in these cases.