Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Is John France a Bigamist? Could Amanda Weisal France also be Guility

An interesting look at the Florida Bigamy statues. Could John France and Amanda Weisal France both be guility? Maybe this is another Balloon Boy Story!


826.01 Bigamy; punishment. ---
Whoever, having a husband or wife living, marries another person shall, except in the cases mentioned in s. 826.02, be guilty of a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084

826.02 Exceptions. ---
The provisions of s. 826.01 shall not extend to any person:
(1) Who reasonably believes that the prior spouse is dead.
(2) Whose prior spouse has voluntarily deserted him and remained absent for the space of 3 years continuously, the party marrying again not knowing the other to be living within that time.
(3) Whose bonds of matrimony have been dissolved.
(4) Who violates its provisions because a domestic or foreign court has entered an invalid judgment purporting to terminate or annul the prior marriage and the defendant does not know that judgment to be invalid.
(5) Who reasonably believes that he is legally eligible to remarry.

826.03 Knowingly marrying husband or wife of another. ---
Whoever knowingly marries the husband or wife of another person, knowing him or her to be the spouse of another person, shall be guilty of a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.

Amanda Weisal France - Learn How to Use Facebook! Protect the Privacy of the Children!

John France's alleged second wife Amanda Weisel France needs to make her Facebook Profile Private to protect the privacy of the France children. I can't believe after NBC Today Show aired, that she would continue to keep her Facebook Photo Albums public. A good step-mother would want to protect these children, not display them on Facebook for the media and public to gawk at. I am thinking that John France and his wife Amanda Weisal France have another agenda here. Are they exploiting their children and this situation for notoriety and one minute celeb reality show status or are they just two narcissistic individuals that are unable and incapable to put their children's needs ahead of theirs (a common profile of parental kidnappers).

Where are the professionals in this case? In Tampa, Florida, which state agency is going to step in?

Amanda Weisal France

Amanda Weisel France - Protect Your Facebook Album

Custody Advice to Lynn France - John France Bigamist and Parental Kidnapper

We have some advice for Lynn France, the alleged wife of alleged Bigamist and alleged parental kidnapper John France. When a parent of your child moves to another state with your children without a custody order "move away" or permission from the courts or intentionally withholds custody time with your children, that's a parental kidnapping. It shouldn't matter if you are married, were married or were never married. You are still the mother or parent of your children and John France is and always will be a parental kidnapper if he blocks custody sharing or custody time.

For the victim parent of a "move away", I imagine it is really difficult to not have contact with your children. I would hope that your attorney has negotiated phone calls with them. I would also hope that now with the NBC Today Show publicity, John France will at the very least agree to some shared custody with out any additional agreements or stipulations.

Good luck Lynn France! We hope that you are reunified with your children very soon.

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John France - Parental Kidnapper and Bigamist

NBC's TodayShow aired a story on John France who allegedly got married in Italy to his wife Lynn France had two children, then moved with his two children to Tampa, Florida where he married Amanda Weisel France. John did not get a divorce because he claimed he was never married to Linda France because his marriage in Italy was not legal. Linda France has not seen her children for several months because John allegedly refuses to provide her with any custody. However, she has found pictures of her children on Facebook as well as photos of John France's marriage to Amanda Weisel France. Here are the links below to John France's Facebook account.

After the story was aired this morning on NBC, we hope that John France will "dad-up" in the next 48 hours negotiate a custody agreement with Linda France and put his kids on the plane to Ohio for some type of shared custody. Regardless if John is a Bigamist, this appears to be a clear act of Parental Kidnapping and the rightful state for venue should be Ohio. John France can't just pick up and move the kids to Tampa, Florida.

We also hope that NBC did their research and Linda France story checks out. For whatever reason, it appears some Ohio Judge would not grant a temporary order to Lynn France. In the eyes of the France children, what a very sad story.

NBC Ohio Story

John France Facebook Account

Amanda Weisal France (2nd Wife)