Friday, October 10, 2008

Holly Ann Collins Pleads Guility - Moms Up Finally

Okay, Holly Ann Collins finally plead guilty. But where's the remorse? Where's the restitution for the searching parent victim? The District Attorney wimped out in this case but he also saved the searching victim parent from having to endure a long court case costing the taxpayers thousands of dollars. Where's the gag order on Holly Ann Collins or her parentally brainwashed child? You take the law into your own hands and you get 40 hours of community service?

I hope this is the last we've heard of Holly Ann Collins. I hope she goes on to become a productive member of society by taking care of her young children. And finally, I hope she doesn't think she has a book deal here! Book readers are more interested in reading about more credible people such as Alec Baldwin.

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