Friday, June 05, 2009

Most Parental Kidnappers are Narcissistic

In the Clark Rockefeller Trial, there was testimony that he is narcissistic. To those that are familiar with Family Abduction cases, this is nothing new. See the OJJDP study. Is he insane? Is he a sociopath? Let's hope the jury arrives at the right conclusion so that other parental kidnappers don't try and use the temporary insanity or Twinkie like defense.

Early Identification of Risk Factors for Parental Abduction - OJJDP Study

The Interview Study found that abductors had
high levels of narcissistic and socio-
pathic character disorders. People with
these character disorders often have
contempt for the law and feel that laws
do not apply to them and, therefore,
they can easily run afoul of the criminal
justice system.

Defense lawyer Jeffrey A. Denner challenged Chu's diagnosis, which largely contradicted those of two forensic mental health specialists who testified for the defense on Wednesday and yesterday. They concluded that the defendant suffers from narcissistic personality disorder and grandiose delusions that made him legally insane at the time of the kidnapping.

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