Tuesday, December 22, 2009

International Parental Kidnappers

On the day that Sean Goldman's mother tragically died and his closest living biological parent became David Goldman, the right thing for step father Joao Paulo Lins e Silva maternal grandmother Silvana Bianchi to do would have been to call David Goldman up and arrange for the transfer of custody to the United States. During that time, they would have been in the best position to negotiate a shared custody arrangement between the United States and Brazil. As their Brazilian Attorney Sergio Tostes, that would have been great advice to provide his clients at that time. But that was 16 months for them to now invite David Goldman to spend Christmas with them or want to sit down like "adults" and negotiate custody which rightfully has been David Goldman's for almost 6 years is not only insulting to to David Goldman but to all victim parents of parental kidnapping. Shame on the, Shame on their attorney Sergio Tostes for raising this issue now. Now is the time for Brazil to consider prosecuting Joao Paulo Lins e Silva and Silvana Bianchi for parental kidnapping. For nearly 6 years, they were co-conspirators and kidnappers of this child and they should be held accountable for their actions. There is no excuse for parental kidnapping and it is really sad to think Joao Paulo or Silvana Bianchi are anything different.

International Parental Kidnapper - Joao Paulo Lins e Silva

Joao Paulo Lins e Silva

International Parental Kidnapper Silvana Bianchi

Silvana Bianchi

Brazilian Attorney Sergio Tostes - Why didn't his clients give David Goldman Custody 16 months ago?

Sergio Tostes

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