Thursday, August 14, 2008

Holly Ann Collins won't Mom Up until after the Olympics

We've been following these underground parental kidnapping cases for years and there is little doubt Holly Ann Collins won't be surrendering until after the Olympics. In these types of case, the proclaimed indigent parental kidnapper seeks publicity for her story to raise money for her defense. I believe this strategy is promoted by the underground attorneys who are know to fly around the country and have a desire to stay in very nice hotels, even when paid for by local public defender's offices or the parental kidnapper's families. For that to happen, she must use the media.

I've seen her story promoted on many of the websites and I simply can't believe how the site owners can unilaterally copy and paste the information provided to them by Holly Ann Collins or her alleged supporters. To be honest, some of the information appears like a template from the other cases, all she had to do was to substitute her name.

So enjoy the rest of your summer Holly Ann Collins because I am hoping that after the Olympics, it's your turn to "mom up"!

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