Friday, August 01, 2008

The Kid is With a Parent, How Bad Can It Be? - Don't Say This!

On the NBC Today Show this morning, veteran reporter Matt Lauer asked the former baby sitter of 7-year old Reigh Boss if she thought alleged parental kidnapper Clark Rockefeller was a threat to the safety of the girl. The former baby sitter replied, "From what I know of Clark, I don't think he would ever harm her physically."

This leads to the plight of left-behind victim parents like Sandra L. Boss, a senior partner at McKinsey & Co. As even veteran reporters like Matt Lauer try to uncover the persona of a parental kidnapper, the answer is no one has any idea if this child is safe and few are qualified to render an opinion. A few social scientists may provide a opinion, but none of us really no for sure since Clark Rockefeller has gone undergrond, dropped out our criminal justice and family court system like Holly Ann Collins did.

This furthermore leads me to a point made by Ernie Allen, the President of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Center. He says,

"The incidence study clearly establishes that the problem of child abduction by family members is a serious one in the United States and promises to become a greater policy challenge for elected officials. Yet is a problem that many law-enforcement and criminal-justice officials choose not to address. Far to frequently, we hear...parental kidnapping is not a law-enforcement problem, it is a civil problem, domestic relations, something lawyers should work out, ... the kid is with a parent, how bad can it be?"

For searching parents like Sandra Boss and Holly Ann Collin's former spouse the very worst thing anyone especially a law enforcement official or a member of the media could ever say or even think is the following: "at least your child is with the other parent, how bad can it be?" Well, for any searching parent it's bad, it's horrible! In Sandra Boss' case, she is probably thinking, will I ever see my 7 year old daughter again? For Holly Ann Collin's former spouse, he spent 14 years with that same thought. For anyone to think that these children are not being harmed or were not harmed by a parental kidnapping is a truly a horrible thing.

For more information on on the Ernie Allen Article, here is a download link.

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