Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tonya Craft is Our Hero - Her Civil Case Against Accusers Could Change History!

In 1992, Faye Yager was acquitted by a Georgia Cobb County jury of kidnapping and other child abuse charges. Eighteen years later, Tonya Craft, after her acquittal has filed a $25 million dollar lawsuit against accusers in a Rome, Georgia Federal Court. Those named in the lawsuit include: Sandra Lamb, Sherri and Dewayne Wilson, her former husband Joal Henke, his current wife Sarah, Kelli McDonald, Sgt. Tim Deal, Catoosa County, Catoosa County Sheriff Phil Summers, Suzi Thorne, Stacy Long, Laurie Evans, the Childrens Advocacy Center of the Lookout Mountain Judicial District and the Greenhouse Childrens Advocacy Center.

Finally, the Georgia legal system which has previously had a reputation of rarely getting it right as in the Faye Yager case has a chance to play a major role in reforming the child abuse legal system. This lawsuit is unprecedented and if successful will play a major role to ensure child abuse professional without proper training are never allowed to interview young children. It will also put radical or extremists child abuse professionals on notice that they must proceed with caution in these cases and gather unquestionable evidence in these cases rather than rely on testimony of young children. It should also put parents on notice that they should not interview their own children in these cases. In addition, it should remind everyone including the media to use the word "alleged" when talking about a defendant on trial.

Tonya Craft and your legal team, you're our heroes!

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