Sunday, May 30, 2010

Judge Should Order Immediate Joint Custody for Tonya Craft

We've been following the reunification of underground children for nearly two decades and what we know is that children are resilient. Even after all the allegations and the media circus, not too different than the OJ Simpson trial, OJ received eventual legal custody if his childre. We believe so should Tonya Craft and any delay by the legal process or her former spouse Joel Heinke is very, very wrong. The Family Court Judge should order immediate joint custody for Tonya Craft. He should order a 50/50 residential custody agreement if that's possible.

In addition, both parties especially Joel Heinke and his new wife must agree to engage in co-parenting and not disparge the other parents without predjudice to any upcoming civil litigation. All Family Court files should be sealed. The court should appoint a guardian ad litem attorney for the child and should work with the child's therapist to reunify the child in less than two weeks. The funds for this reunification should be paid by the District Attorneys office or some victim fund if Joel Heinke will not bear this cost in the best interests of his children.

However, if Joel Heinke does not agree, then the court will need to fast track an evaluation and consider full joint and residential custody to Tonya Craft.

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AltWorlder said...

the correct name for the ex-husband is Joel "Henke." Please fix this typo.