Thursday, September 20, 2007

Claudia Librett Needs to Go To Prision

On Friday, September 21, 2007, Claudia Librett is scheduled to be sentenced by a Montgomery County, PA judge for her heinous kidnapping of her child into the underground.

We hope that the the judge in this case sentences Librett to prison. Regardless of what information she gave to the District Attorney's Office to prosecute the involved third parties, in our experience she is still a threat to re-kidnap her child. We've followed many of these cases and as long as the underground mom does not recant her story, the odds are great that she will re-abduct the child, regardless of child's age. There was a case in Texas where the child was kidnapped a second time into the underground after being turned away by Faye Yager when Yager was on trial. This child was later recovered living overseas only after the dad went on a TV talk show. There was another underground child who at sixteen went back into the underground to be the nanny for another underground mom.

In recent months, we were contacted by various undergound supporters trying to convince us that the underground no longer exists. Yet, we offer the following evidence:

1. Dr. Kathleen Faller of the University of Michigan, a known Children of the Underground Supporter lists in her 2007 Course Syllabus a lecture about the Underground and an alleged failure of our legal system. If it doesn't exist, why is she lecturing about it?

Response to failure of the legal system
The Nation Center for Protective Parents
Mother's Nighmare
The Underground

2. Toby Kleinman -- She was Librett's attorney who represented Librett when she was underground. Kleinman spoke about the underground at a well known child abuse conferernce in San Diego. Her Center for Child Protection in located in Piscataway, new Jersey. If the underground doesn't exist, why was her client Librett in hiding? If the underground doesn't exist, does she expect us to believe that it folded after her speech at that conference.

4. The Leadership Council, Bala Cynwyd, PA -- There is no evidence that this organization in Bla Cynwyd was directly involved, but some of their officers, directors and advisory board members have appeared as expert witnesses and alleged supporters of the underground. The list includes Toby Kleinman, a Director; Richard Ducote an attorney for in the Elizabeth Morgan case and who appeared in two known California Underground cases; Seth Goldenstein, Geraldine Stahly from California State University San Bernardino, CA and Joan Zorza, JD from the National Center on Women and Family Law. We once received a copy of the Underground Legal Manual, portions which were included by an underground mom as her evidence for going underground. Zorza is a co-author of this manual.

5. The National Center for Protective Parents, Trenton, NJ -- It's founder, Joan Pennington is alleged retired like Faye Yager. But this center continues and has received more than 250K in federal grants.

6. Amy Neustein's Book -- As recently as 2005, Neustein published a book that included information about the Underground.

It is our belief that the underground continues today, but we don't see the bravado as we did in the '90s when you have characters like McKenzie Carpenter and Allen Detrich writing about and/or photographing the kidnapping. These well-funded with a myriad of legal system supporters are more secretive in publicizing their support.

We hope that the judge in this case does the best thing to deter this criminal act and more importantly to protect the child, send Claudia Librett to Prison for the longest term possible. We also hope this sentencing is followed by criminal indictments of some of the supporters, again, the best way to send a message that this crime is not tolerated in PA or anywhere!

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