Monday, August 21, 2006

Reunite the Father with His Daughter Now!

A father spends thousands of dollars and almost 4 years of his life to find his child. It's now been over two weeks and he has still not been reunified with her. Claudia Librett's attorneys high-priced attorneys are no doubt calling every person in Montgomery County's Social Services Department to try and delay the reunification of the father and his child. I need to raise the following questions: 1) If the left-behind parent was a woman, would it have taken over two weeks; 2) What a very cruel thing Claudia Librett is doing to her daughter -- she'd rather leave her in foster care rather than with the father and his family; 3) Consider the thousands of dollars in attorney fees that millionnaire Librett has spent in the last two weeks, would that money be better spent getting her daughter into therapy as quickly as possible.

I am a bit disappointed that this process is taking so long but I have high hopes that the Montgomery County Social Services, now that they have the case, will allow the professionals to take over. There is a small and select group of therapists in the country that are familiar with reunification and the effects on children...however these therapists are readily available to therapists connected with the family abduction community. There is also a resource available to therapists at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

For almost 4 years, this father got up each morning not knowing where his child was. This father's parents, the child's grandparents also got up each morning not knowknowning where their child was. Yet, there were attorneys and/or others that allegedly knew the location or knew how to get a message to Claudia Librett. It is very cruel for any professional to think that any further delay in the reunification is warranted. The father did everything a left-behind, searching or victim parent does: he searched for his child; he found his child; he has the legal paperwork for custody of his child; he worked within the legal system; he worked with child protective services and other evaluators to ensure he was a fit parent and now he is patiently waiting for reunification to occur, while Ms. Librett is spending thousands to try and prevent it.

This is horrible, Librett did not play by the rules so why is anyone listening to her or her attorneys. Librett by her sole kidnapping act has already cost the Montgomery County taxpayers thousands, if not a million dollars, and she hasn't even been charged yet. The courts and child protective services need to honor the father's rightful custody papers. Let's get this case one step closer to Librett's criminal trial and let the father start raising his child. If not, this sets a horrible precedence for future cases...all of us in the family abduction community hate snatch backs...but if the next missing child shows up in Canada, I wouldn't blame any U.S. parent for just grabbing the child and bringing him or her back to the United States. It would certainly seem better for all us...especially the taxpayers! Remember the millionnaire father who was on the cover of Time Magazine, he snatched his children back in Switzerland and his case was soon over.

The Editor
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