Tuesday, August 03, 2010

John France - Parental Kidnapper and Bigamist

NBC's TodayShow aired a story on John France who allegedly got married in Italy to his wife Lynn France had two children, then moved with his two children to Tampa, Florida where he married Amanda Weisel France. John did not get a divorce because he claimed he was never married to Linda France because his marriage in Italy was not legal. Linda France has not seen her children for several months because John allegedly refuses to provide her with any custody. However, she has found pictures of her children on Facebook as well as photos of John France's marriage to Amanda Weisel France. Here are the links below to John France's Facebook account.

After the story was aired this morning on NBC, we hope that John France will "dad-up" in the next 48 hours negotiate a custody agreement with Linda France and put his kids on the plane to Ohio for some type of shared custody. Regardless if John is a Bigamist, this appears to be a clear act of Parental Kidnapping and the rightful state for venue should be Ohio. John France can't just pick up and move the kids to Tampa, Florida.

We also hope that NBC did their research and Linda France story checks out. For whatever reason, it appears some Ohio Judge would not grant a temporary order to Lynn France. In the eyes of the France children, what a very sad story.

NBC Ohio Story

John France Facebook Account

Amanda Weisal France (2nd Wife)


Paolopn said...

The couple Lynda and John France were absolutely legally married
in Italy and their marriage is absolutely recognized legally in the U.S.

They are married according Italian law and Italian Authorities can give to everybody complete demonstration of the validity of the wedding showing the original wedding certificate.

Please refer to the following official web site of the U.S. government
regarding legal marriages here and in the U.S.

Marriage of a U.S. Citizen in Italy:
Please read the last paragraph which states:

If you would like your marriage to be recognized in the U.S., the certificate of marriage
should be taken to the Prefettura, Ufficio Legalizzazioni (the same
office that authenticates the Consul’s signature) of the city where the
marriage is performed, to request the placement of an Apostille on the
certificate. This process is not required; not doing so may result in
some organizations not accepting the document.

This couple received a certificate of marriage following their wedding
from the town hall which we took to the prefettura in the city where
they were married and then sent to them with this apostille on the

Anonymous said...

I know the parties involved, and Lynn is absolutely insane. Amanda didn't start seeing John until it was known by all involved that the marriage wasn't legal, also, Lynn has twice signed her rights over to John (through lawyers) in regards to custody of their two sons. Also Lynn has attempted to kill herself, and wrote all three of her sons (one of which is 2 and the other 3) suicide notes, and I have also seen the ER forms when they used charcoal to offset the sleeping pills she took.

TruthTeller2011 said...


This proves that John is a bigamist and knew it....anyone who saw the medical records is in serious violation of privacy...Jenn (thisbehecate), you really need to learn this stuff before you let John and Amanda set you up to take the fall for them....