Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Custody Advice to Lynn France - John France Bigamist and Parental Kidnapper

We have some advice for Lynn France, the alleged wife of alleged Bigamist and alleged parental kidnapper John France. When a parent of your child moves to another state with your children without a custody order "move away" or permission from the courts or intentionally withholds custody time with your children, that's a parental kidnapping. It shouldn't matter if you are married, were married or were never married. You are still the mother or parent of your children and John France is and always will be a parental kidnapper if he blocks custody sharing or custody time.

For the victim parent of a "move away", I imagine it is really difficult to not have contact with your children. I would hope that your attorney has negotiated phone calls with them. I would also hope that now with the NBC Today Show publicity, John France will at the very least agree to some shared custody with out any additional agreements or stipulations.

Good luck Lynn France! We hope that you are reunified with your children very soon.

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Allyson Wilson said...

Support Lynn France!

Lizzy said...

To the editor this site seems wonderful for families and victims, but with all respect I need to know if Lynn France provided you proof it's awful to allege such a crime especially when you do not know just how wrong you are. Please respond promptly.