Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Amanda Weisal France - Learn How to Use Facebook! Protect the Privacy of the Children!

John France's alleged second wife Amanda Weisel France needs to make her Facebook Profile Private to protect the privacy of the France children. I can't believe after NBC Today Show aired, that she would continue to keep her Facebook Photo Albums public. A good step-mother would want to protect these children, not display them on Facebook for the media and public to gawk at. I am thinking that John France and his wife Amanda Weisal France have another agenda here. Are they exploiting their children and this situation for notoriety and one minute celeb reality show status or are they just two narcissistic individuals that are unable and incapable to put their children's needs ahead of theirs (a common profile of parental kidnappers).

Where are the professionals in this case? In Tampa, Florida, which state agency is going to step in?

Amanda Weisal France

Amanda Weisel France - Protect Your Facebook Album

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