Monday, August 07, 2006

Shopping for a New Jurisdiction and Forum

The Claudia Librett case illustrates the typical underground case where the custodial-embattled underground mom, not satisfied with the ruling of one jurisdiction, kidnaps her child while shopping for a jurisdiction and new forum for her case. If you review this case, you'll find that a long trial was held in family court (jurisdiction and forum 1), she appealed the verdict to federal court (jurisdiction and forum 2)while in hiding and used the "necessity defense" or "protective parent" defense as her excuse for not wanting to share custody of her child. All allegations against the father have been proved false and he has been awarded sole custody by professionals who have direct knowledge of the case. It would not surprise me if we hear that she'll want the Canadian courts to intervene in this U.S. case (jurisdiction and forum 3). Meanwhile, she's once again be leveling allegations against her former spouse, this new forum number 4 -- the media. This strategy is clearly outlined in the 1990 Protective Parent legal representation book.

What we must not forget about is that Claudia Librett committed what has to be one of the cruelest form of abuse leveled against her child and the child's father. For almost four years, she hid the child who is now 7 years old from the child's father, grandparents and other family and friends. For those of us who understand what it is like to raise a 7 year old child, how could you possibly think of a way to explain this horrible way of life in hiding to them -- the multiple identities, the whereabouts of her father. The explanation the abducting parent provides to the child is what most family abduction professionals would categorize as one of the cruelest forms of emotional abuse inflicted on a child. In addition, the impact on this father who searched world-wide for his daughter for four long years spending thousands of dollars. The shameful impact on the father's family including any grandparents or great grandparents.

Ms. Librett is now in jail in Canada waiting extradition. We'll suspect that she or her attorneys will contact call every national and local media using the "abuse excuse" or the she fled so that she wouldn't have to share custody with the child's father. That said, Ms. Librett to attempt to deflect attention from her very cruel four year kidnapping crime by trying to make a case against the father. In this case, her new forum will be the media in which she can say anything she wants proclaiming her innocence as most incarcerated individuals awaiting prosecution do. This is where the media will be challenged. As with the previous cases, we've already started to see the differences between seasoned professional journalists and rookie journalists. This is a FAMILY ABDUCTION OR PARENTAL KIDNAPPING CASE. It has nothing to do about any unfounded or alleged child abuse. So why publish it to create yet another forum for Claudia Librett? Journalists will also start to hear from any proclaimed child protection group, many whose names appear in the most recent underground books who will say the system doesn't work. A word to these journalists, please respect and be sensitive to the victims in this case, the father and the seven year old child whose last name and picture we have removed from our website. If Ms. Librett wants to defend tortuous actions in that manner, then let's let her do her in the proper jurisdiction and forum -- the Montgomery County Criminal Court.

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