Friday, August 11, 2006

Claudia Librett, the accused abuser in this case!

Among the family abduction community, parental kidnapping is considered one of the most severe forms of domestic violence or family violence against a child. In the case of accused "abuser" Claudia Libertt, one cannot imagine what type of person in this world would intentionally change a three year old child name and tell them they didn't have a father. I'm a parent and having raised a three year old, I couldn't imagine how I could stomach the emotional and mental cruelty of changing a child's name and telling them one day they didn't have a child...especially after watching the videos of the child with her father. There are very few people on this earth would do this this and what makes it worse is that millionnaire Librett had many other legal alternatives to protect her child, especially with the millions she purpotedly paid to her attorneys. Wouldn't it have been better to spent the money on a good child psychiatrist if you really were trying to protect your child? As she now sits in her jail cell asking for the support of well-intentioned family violence groups, this child advocate has very little sympathy for her

In reading the blog of Librett supporters, most likely written by Librett herself, there is one thing that has always scared me. These proclaimed child protectionalists are looking at information provided by Librett and proclaiming support for Librett. What is bothersome is that these inviduals have no training or education to make any conclusions in the case. Hey people, let's leave the analysist of this case and the determination for the professionals in Montgomery County. They are already cheering the longer it takes for the father to be reunified with her father...but people, you haven't even read any information for Montgomery County or the evaluation done in the custody trial! Do you wonder why Libertt is not providing you with that information.

One thing we'd like to call attention to is that the Canadian Immigration Department allowed Ms. Librett with her high-priced attorneys to stay with her child in a motel for several days following her capture. At the time, they should have known that the mother had "brainwashed the child" into thinking she didn't have a father and many other horrible things. So during the days that Ms. Librett was with her child, did the Canadian Immigration Department take measures ot ensure the child was not further brainwashed by Ms. Librett? After reading the blog from Ms. Librett's site, does anyone think the Candian Immigration Department took steps to monitor and supervise the visitiations from the alleged abuser Ms. Librett? Did Ms. Librett provide any explation to her now 7 year old child that she did have a father?

We'd like to again caution any well-intentioned Claudia Librett supporters to look after the best interests of this child in this case. We'll summarize with one closing question, if the Montgomery County Social Services Department told you that this child is absolutely better off with the father as her parent and all allegations against the father are untrue, would that be a good or bad thing?

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