Sunday, August 13, 2006

A Boilerplate Underground Case

For those of in the Family Abduction Community who have followed these underground cases for nearly two decades, one thing is perfectly clear, when we read Claudia Librett's description of her case posted on by her supporters, it it appears sound exactly like the other cases. It's as if she opend up Microsoft Word, clicked Search and Replace, Save and posted that story.

For this writer, it's almost as if I don't have to read the story, since the simlarities are almost exactly the same as the others. The first most distinguishable similiarity is the one that is the most upsetting is that Claudia Librett portrays herself as the caring "protective parent", the self-appointed protector her young child. However, she has allowed her supporters to publish disgusting and detailed descriptions of alleged abuse. These passages are so awful, that I am simply embarrased to read them. Yet, despite several requests to her supporters to remove them, they don't feel anything is wrong with them. What makes this group almost cult-like is that they feel their cause is more important than the protection of the privacy of this young child. If they truly cared about this child, they would remove this post and let this issue be handled in the closed doors of the juvenille court, family court or child protective services, with the professionals. These supporters and Librett who I suspect wrote the details, should be ashamed of themselves.

The second similarity is that some really strange and troubled people will now start to support Claiudia Librett. There are other recovering parents and their familes like the father in this case who have reported death threats and harassment by the arrested mom's supporters. As Librett orchestrates her case from jail, it's almost as if she is recruiting for volunteers to harass this father and his family. What we never could understand in these cases is that these self-proclaimed anti-domestic violence advocates now feel that they have been given a free license to engage in domestic violence, the very cause they prolcaim to advocate.

The third similarity is that these cases is that the proclaimed protective parent is engaging in an common behavior that is very dangerous, they self-diagnosing alleged child abuse by their own personal observations. During the course of "sharing custody" with the other parent, they tend to see child abuse in anything the child does. This is usually when the child does have a therapist, usually chosen by the mother, who has repeatedly told the mother that she isn't seeing her child as a victim of abuse. Yet these details in the case are rarely disclosed and what we don't understand is that with Librett's millions, she could have afforded the best of the best therapists.

There are many other similarities but the last one is the conspiracy one. For whatever reason, alleged narcissistic Librett wants everyone to believe that despite the millions she has paid attorneys and other professionals, that every government or state agency, law enforment official, social services organization who has not done what she wants them to say or do, is corrupt and has taken sides with the father in this case. This is absolutely ridiculous.

I am sorry Claudia but as you sit in your jail cell in Ms. LVanier Centre for Women at Milton it's because of what you did in January of 2003, you committed the crime of "parental kidnapping". And if the similarities in the case resemble the ending results of the others...your next step after the Montgomery County Court House and trial that will most likely cost the taxpayers another million will be some prison in Pennslyvania. And this similarity occured because you refused to do one thing, share custody with the father in this case...that would have been easier for all of us.

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