Thursday, August 10, 2006

Family Abductions are one of the most severe forms of Domestic Violence!

Did Canadian Domestic Violence Groups support Susan Smith just because she was a woman -- hopefully not. Then why would they support Claudia Librett, the alleged parental kindapper just because she is a woman. A family abduction or parental kidnapping is one of the most severe forms of family violence. We simply don't understand why they wouldn't consider supporting the real family violence victims in this case, the father and the child. As we seen in other underground cases and as we've heard one judge say when she sent a underground mom to prison, "the real abuser in this case is the mother."

As in past cases, many anti-domestic violence groups such as the National Organization for Women and the NADV have supported the protective parent during the initial stages of these cases, but after they've heard the facts and cirumstances of these cases, they eventually stop supporting the alleged parental kidnapper.

We would like to ask the Canadian Domestic Violence groups to take a wait and see approach before unilaterally supporting Claudia Librett --just because she is a woman. Let's step back and remember that Susan Smith was a woman and mother to.

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