Monday, August 07, 2006

Claudia Librett, 51 formerly of Narbeth, Pennsylvania was arrested in Niagara Falls on August 5, 2006. AM900 news is reporting that authorities tracked parental kidnapper Librett to Niagara by the Lake, Canada. She had been living there for the past 2 years and had been on the run hiding her 7 year old daughter from her former spouse since January 2003, almost 4 years.

This case involves alleged underground attorney Toby Kleinman who has represented the mother since she went underground. The case was also featured on America's Most Wanted earlier this year.

This recovery represents the first in the Northeast, possibly a new trend for milleneum underground cases. It's been almost twenty years since the underground was first formed in Mountpellier, Vermont and underground mom April Curtis/Meyer was found hiding in Rochester, NY; Rosalyn Beasley in Montpellier, VT -- while young attorneys Alan Rosenfeld and Garnett Harrison of Harrison and Rosenfeld started the protective parent law firm.
Now the pressure is on the legal system to bring Claudia Librett to trial and send her to prison. She is the first to continue to litigate her case through an attorney while in hiding, parentally kidnapping her child for amost 4 years -- a horrific situation for the left-behind victim father, his parents, grandparents and other family members who most likely spent thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars to search for the kidnapped child. Let's not forget the emotional impact on this 7 year old child who had to live underground under multiple identities.
For those of us who have walked in this father's shoes or are still walking in his shoes, we want to let him know that we are very happy for he and his family! He can now provide his daughter with a good home, education and stable surroundings that his child rightfully deserves. [more breaking news on this case...]

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