Thursday, August 10, 2006

Now is the Time to Find Out Who Helped Claudia Librett
In last two decades, hundreds of proclaimed protective parents like Claudia Librett have fled underground, yet during this time, there have no well-known criminal convictions of those that aided and abetted.

For the father in this case and his family, the last four years could only be described as a parent’s worst nightmare. For them not to know if they will ever see their child or grandchild ever again is one of the worst criminal acts any custodial embattled parent could inflict on the other parent and his family. Meanwhile, there are individuals or so called “underground supporters” who knew the location of Ms. Librett and assisted her when she was in hiding. These individuals, some which usually have legal backgrounds are rarely prosecuted.

One of those who have been accused in the past is Faye Yager. However, as a multi-millionaire was close to getting an indictment and a civil suit, the father coincidently found his kids in Switzerland and no charges proceeded. In that case he was offering a one million dollar reward for each child. There is Joan Pennington, the founder and a lawyer for the National Center for Protective Parents who has been accused by the FBI of putting a women into hiding and now receives hundreds of thousands of dollars in government grants for her non-profit organization. This group once thought to be the intake point of the ‘90s for protective parent now focuses on advocacy and training lawyers how to represent protective parents. Pennington co-authored one of the first books on representing protective parents. There is Amy Neustein in Brooklyn, NY who admitted to interviewing a child as the intake point for the underground. Neustein lost custody of her own daughter and that daughter, now an adult recently spoke out against here. Neustein recently wrote a book on this subject matter. There are attorneys like Alan Rosenfeld, Richard Ducote, Sheila Brogna and Garnett Harrision, who have all been accused, but never sanctioned specifically for their alleged assistance although Harrision was disbarred by the Mississippi Bar. She is now a practicing attorney in Georgia. Yet these attorneys all have written and/or spoken about their representation of underground parents. Many even have clients who disappeared into the underground while they represented them. There are now the new underground attorneys: Toby Kleinman and Meera Fox. Kleinman spoke on an panel about the underground only months after her client, Claudia Librett went on the lam. Fox only years out of law school, acted as a para-legal for both Rosenfeld and Ducote and now has a center for training attorneys to represent protective parents.

In the Librett case, sources divulge that there is an attorney that allegedly assisted her. Like most of his predecessors, this attorney will probably attempt to use the “attorney-client privilege” to avoid prosecution. He will claim he helped her in the capacity as an attorney so all is communication with here is privilege.

In past cases, most prosecutors will charge only one person, the abducting parent. As we can already tell by the stories in the media, these attorneys will now try and complicate this case with many other issues. Money will be no object as many thousands of dollars will be thrown at expert-witnesses, most likely some of the above who have their own self-serving financial agendas and will try and claim that our family court system does not work. They will have no first hand knowledge of the facts and circumstances of this case in Montgomery County but they will attempt to deflect the case from the core issue: Claudia Librett is a parental kidnapper who didn’t like the decision of the Montgomery County Court so fled the system. As a parental kidnapper she inflicted a horrible crime not only against her own child but against the child’s parent and his family.

It is now time to put an end to the expansion of this “protective parent” network. In our opinion, the only way to achieve this is not only to prosecute Claudia Librett, but to prosecute some of the conspirators. We need to be the real protective parents here and protect our future generations from this terrible and heinous crime. It begins today by finding out who really helped Claudia Librett!

The Editor
The Children of the Underground Watch

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