Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Allan Detrich Resigns - He Doctored 79 Photos

Allan Detrich, the controversial photojournalist who we alleged was not just photographing and reporting news resigned from the Toledo Blade after it was discovered that it altered 79 photos. It was not the first time that Allan Detrich's ethical conduct has been questioned.

In December 1997, his photo essay on Amanda Meyer (Amanda Monet) and underground moms Bonnie Rubenstein and Ellen Dever with news reporter McKenzie Carpenter were questioned. Detrich photographed these mom while they were kidnapping their children. There are many of us who believe that Allan Detrich and McKenzie Carpenter aided and abetted in these crimes. Without the Detrich and Carpenter and the related publicity and notoriety, these narcissistic moms may not have gone into hiding. They would have gone to family court or court ordered psychiatric counseling -- a far better legal alternative.

We are happy that the Toledo Blade and the rest of the Journalism Industry finally found out the truth about Allan Detrich. In our opinion, he got what the deserved.

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