Friday, July 18, 2008

Please help this couragous family. =PETITION=

This is our version of the current petition that some of the Domestic Violence groups are sending around. I realize that everyone has an opinion on the guilt or innocence of Holly Ann Collins, but as in the other cases the only way to determine it is for Holly Collins to go to trial. In my opinion, these petitions are a form of abuse and harassment against the District Attorney's Office.


"Fourteen years ago, in a desperate and cowardice act of anger and revenge to prevent her children from having a relationship with their custodial parent, Holly Collins kidnapped her children and "went underground". She violated a court order and fled the country with her three young children after the Minneapolis Family Court ruled that they must lawfully live with their custodial father, even after both parents participated in court ordered custody and psychiatric evaluations. Holly Ann Collins was investigated by child protection services and acussed of having munchasens syndrome by proxy. Now Holly and her adult children want to come home to America because they are living on welfare in the Netherlands. The Minneapolis District Attorney is enforcing our nation's parental kidnapping charges."

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