Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Information in the Holly Ann Collins Case

The information on the Holly Ann Collins case below was provided by Tasha. I'm not sure about the accuracy of this information but it pretty much follows the same course as the other underground parental kidnapping cases.

As the custodial-embattled underground mother's case starts to unravel, she begins to enlarge her story as well as the number of alleged abusers. The story may begin with a third party such as a day care center or a school, then move to the former spouse, to the former spouse's new wife, to the entire family. In the Faye Yager supported cases, Faye would often testify to an even enlarged set of very, very horrible events.

There is usually a discussion among the left-behind or victim parent and his or her family such as: does the abducting parent such as Holly Ann Collins really believe it or is she fabricating the story? The answer, I have no idea but in America, if and when Holly Ann Collins goes to trial, a jury and group of professional psychiatrists / mental health professionals will decide.

What is disturbing is that as the allegations get allegedly enlarged by Holly Ann Collins, you have misguided and most likely well-intentioned supporters accepting every bit of information from the parental kidnapper. It's even worse when the underground attorneys like Alan Rosenfeld call the media to publicize their case. In our experience, as that information is proven to be false, then those supporters look very foolish which horribly reflects on the initial tenets of their cause.

Thanks Tasha for the new information.

Lastly, as I've said before, "Holly Ann Collins, it's time to Mom UP", do the right thing and fly back to the United States, leave all of your children with their fathers and take some responsibility for your actions! You are not a heroic protective parent but you are a cowardly, narcissistic parental kidnapper!

The Editor

The Children of the Underground Watch

-- snip -- From Tasha....

1) New Information:

Holly has an x-ray of Zachary's skull which she claims was cracked from the abuse of her ex-husband. She has published this on YouTube. This same x-ray was used in a lawsuit Holly filed against a city in Mass. when Zachary fell and hit his head while playing.

2) To the Editor: To clarify your question;

Husband/Father number 1 - 2 children now ages 26 and 22.
Husband/Father number 2 - 1 child, now age 13.
Husband/Father number 3 - 7 children (2 adopted). She has 4 biological children with this man and claims to have adopted 3 more. According to other sources Holly Ann never married the father of these children. There has been no mention at all if he is joining them in the US. If not, is he just giving his 7 children up and what kind of father does that? Will she now marry him to bring him to the US with her? Who is this father and why has he not come to her defense? Does the Netherlands allow an unwed, non-citizen (the father also isn’t a citizen) with no income and who has FBI warrants for her arrest adopt 3 children?

3) Holly had 2 children with her ex-husband, not 3. This 3rd child wasn’t involved in the domestic abuse, at all, so he couldn’t have come home with bruises. Perhaps you can provide the details regarding this child, as there is no mention of him in any of the sources on the net. Not from Holly Ann, not from her daughter Jennifer and certainly not from any of those who claim to know Holly Ann and the facts “very well”.

4) Regarding the relatives, Holly Ann was and is very close to both her father and her brother Michael, there are some records he recently came to the Netherlands. Your claims regarding her ex-husband being a violent abuser as well as a pedophile (Holly Ann also claims he sexually assaulted the children) go against the unanimous opinion of experts in this field, and these people will continue to be abusive, always. Her ex-husband remarried before Holly left and has, by every account, a stable, happy family life. Now, Jennifer recently claimed in her Blog that Mark’s wife also abused them, yet this was never presented in the custody case. Again, there would be police reports of the abuse that was supposedly well documented as surely Holly or yourself would have immediately filed complaints.

It’s hard to imagine that her ex-husband doesn’t want his children to return “for fear of all that would be exposed” when, as stated above, it’s a travesty of justice because the court knew of all this abuse and as such it’s already been exposed. Perhaps a more logical reason for any reluctance is that Jennifer repeatedly claims her despise for him. If he did not abuse these children, and they continue to believe he did, one can imagine how painful a reunion would be.

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