Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Underground Group - Cult or Cause?

In an issue of the ABA Family Advocate Magazine in 1995, an article titled: "Notes from the Underground: A Dialogue Among Attorneys Who Have Been There" written by Underground and Protective Parent "Cause" Attorney Shelia Brogna contains the following quote from Underground Attorney Alan Rosenfeld.

"Rosenfeld wonders why the courts are so invested in shared custody/vistation?"

In the last decade, it's always been my assumption that most of the Family Law Courts and our society have been moving away from "Maternal Custody" or the "Tender Years Doctrine".

Here's the Wikipedia definition of the Tender Years Doctrine:

The Tender Years Doctrine is a legal doctrine in child custody cases which has existed in Family Law since the late 19th century. The doctrine presumes that during a child's tender years (generally regarded as the of age thirteen and under), the custody of the child should be that of the mother's. This doctrine is applicable in divorce proceedings, but has been replaced on the books in by most states by the "Best Interests of the Children" doctrine of child custody. Several courts have held that the Tender Years Doctrine violates the Equal Protection Clause in the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

I notice unconditional almost "cult-like" support for Holly Ann Collins on several websites for this proclaimed underground or protective parent mom. I also notice that some of the attorneys represent themselves as "protective parent attorneys" in an near "cult-like" manner.

I'm not sure if Holly Ann Collin's supporters are a "cult" or a "cause" but in following these cases over the past two decades, I am sure that when Holly Ann Collins stayed in hiding for fourteen yeas, it was not in the "best interests of the children" in support of "shared custody".

"It's time for Holly Ann Collins to mom up and surrender to Hennepin County Minnesota law enforcement authorities."

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