Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Profile of a Family Abductor - Which one is Holly Ann Collins?

A National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Center booklet, Family Abduction lists six personality profiles identified by social scientists that may be helpful in predicting which parents pose a risk of abduction. Here are those profiles:
  1. Parents who have threatened to abduct or abducted previously.
  2. Parents who are suspicious or distrustful due to the belief that abuse has occurred and have social support for these beliefs.
  3. Parents who are paranoid delusional.
  4. Parents who are severely sociopathic.
  5. Parents who have strong ties to another country and are ending a mixed-culture marriage.
  6. Parents who feel alienated from the legal system for reasons such as they are members of a minority group, victims of abuse, and have family/social support in another community.
"Abducting parents across the six personality profiles share many common characteristics. They are likely to deny or dismiss the value of the other parent to the child. They believe they know what is best for the child, and they cannot see how or why they should share parenting with the other parent. They are likely to have very young children who are easy to transport and conceal and who are unlikely to protest verbally or tell others of their plight. With the exception of the paranoid profile, abducting parents are apt to have the financial and moral support of a network of family, friends, and/or cultural community or underground groups. Many abductors do not consider their actions illegal or morally wrong. Mothers and fathers are equally likely to abduct, although at different times - fathers before a court order and mothers after an order has been made. "

To find out more about this info, you can download the booklet.

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