Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Underground Moms - Necessity Defense?

Underground Mom April Curtis Meyer gave birth to three different children with three different men. She took one of her husbands underground then divorced him while in hiding.

Underground Mom Marisa Ann Sketo-Kirsch "Nuke Mom" kidnapped her son from her custodial father from York, South Carolina in June 1996. Marisa Kirsch was arrested and charged in October 2007 in South Africa and charged with importing and exporting components of nuclear devices, spark gaps which are used to detonate nuclear bombs. The devices were sold to a Pakistani company.

Underground Mom Holly Ann Collins who kidnapped her children in 1994 ignoring the Family Court verdict that gave her former spouse custody. She now has ten children from two different men. She lived in refugee camps while on the run and is now living on welfare.

These underground mom cases also sound the same. It appears the International Domestic Violence Community is once again lobbying around the underground mom with the Holly Ann Collins case. In these cases, the underground moms will usually claim they fled out of "necessity" to proect their children also know as the "Necessity Defense" in the Joan Pennington's and Alan Rosenfeld's Underground Book.

It's very hard for me to believe that these women did not exhaust their legal alternatives in the United States of America before they fled. Besides, welfare refugee camps, the sale of nuclear devices, that doesn't sound like a great life for these American Children.

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