Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bring on the News Media - Holly Ann Collins

In following the underground moms over the past several decades, there is another common theme. The narcissistic underground moms like Holly Ann Collins always want news publicity for their case. It's as if their ultimate goal in life is to follow in the path of Elizabeth Morgan, a book deal, TV news coverage and a Movie deal (it never occurred for Elizabeth Morgan who is married to Federal Judge Paul Michel) and it was underground attorney Garnett Harrison's demise when she was disbarred for trying to sell the movie and book rights for the Foxworth case.

In addition, these underground moms will not act "in the best interests of their children" but will once again use these children as pawns.

In these cases, the media rarely gets in right with the exception of John Hockenberry (who got the child to disclose that his mom made him say those things) and Connie Chung.

There are also reporters who were fooled by these underground moms as the cases started to unravel. When these moms were eventually found guilty, the journalists were no where to be found.

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