Thursday, July 17, 2008

Protecting the Parental Kidnapping Victim

The Holly Ann Collins Case is one or more of the following:
  • An International Parental Kidnapping Case
  • A Family Violence Case
  • A Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy Case
  • A Parental Alienation Case
Inasmuch as we can debate all of the above, the only way to get to the truth in this matter is to bring Holly Ann Collins to criminal trial. Furthermore, in a criminal trial you can't have the alleged criminal on trial having close contact with the victims, to influence their testimony. So that's why any District Attorney in this country would take all necessary steps to ensure the rights of the victim and that the criminal can receive a fair trial.

From reading the blog of Holly Ann Collin's daughter, if you believe that she is writing it, then you have to feel sorry for her. At your young age it's horrible that her proclaimed protective mom has her soliciting for money for her mom's defense. Why would any "protective mom" or "protective parent" inflict this on her child?

As I've said before, Holly Ann Collins, it's time for you to "mom up" and surrender to authorities! Let your daughter go on with her life and don't inflict any more harm on her than you already have.


tashapolistar said...

Finally, someone other than Holly and her daughter are apeaking out regarding this story. Almost all the artlicles on the internet are from her point of view, which is insufficent in determining the facts.

Apparently Holly has a plethera of court documents, but only the ones that support her claims.

The numerous stories out there, when compared side by side, show many contradictions. These disturbing facts are an indication that Holly suffers from some kind of mental health issues, which you state so clearly atate, can only be determined after a full investigation.

One sad fact is these kinds of cases only discredit those where domestic abuse truly do occur, much like women who falsely claim rape.

Suffice to say, there are many more victims left in the wake of this woman's actions.

The Editor said...

Hi Tashapolistar,

It's nice to see your comments. I agree with you that it is a sad fact that these kinds of cases discredit those cases where the family violence victim needs to be protected.

I would really like to see the Domestic Violence communities engage in a close working relationship with the District Attorney's Office rather than making them the enemy.

I am hoping that our society has made great strides to make family violence a gender neutral crime and that these extremists that are supporting Holly Ann Collins are in the very, very small minority in their opinion.

Thanks again for your comments.

-- Brian
The Editor
The Children of the Underground Watch

jenandrhi said...

tashapolistar (aka Beth Imm) please quit stalking Holly and Jennifer.