Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Underground Mom - Holly Ann Collins

Alan Rosenfeld, the attorney for the Children of the Underground Group or Cult is now back in the news, now representing Underground Mother Holly Ann Collins. On January 30, 1994 Holly Collins fled Hennepin County, Minnesota after losing custody of her children.

Her kidnapped children are now 25 and 21. They were discovered in The Netherlands, only after a neighbor reporting her to the FBI. The neighbor discovered the information on the Internet and complained that the underground mom was the plague to the neighborhood, with five more biological children and three adopted children. She was living on welfare.

Rosenfeld entered the case in March but many of us who have been following the Children of the Underground wonder if he is representing Holly Collins as part of the life-time legal representation afforded most underground moms.

Was this a Faye Yager, Children of the Underground Case? It sure seems like it!

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