Wednesday, July 16, 2008 - Letter Writing Campaign

The Executive Director of, a federally funded organization who receives taxpayer dollars as part of the Violence Against Women Act, is sponsoring a letter writing campaign to the Minnesota District Attorney and Minnesota Governor urging them to not prosecute Holly Ann Collins for International parental kidnapping.

As a taxpayer in the United States, I don't like my taxes used by a tax-exempt Domestic Violence Organization in this manner, especially when I am one who believes domestic violence or family violence to be a gender neutral crime and more importantly attribute parental kidnapping as one of the most severe forms of family violence. These funds should be used for law-abiding citizens.

If Holly Ann Collins were to have contacted the District Attorney while underground, fourteen years ago my opinion might be different. But instead, she stayed in hiding and now is trying to wrongfully lobby our nation's domestic violence groups to support her. These groups neither have the legal staff or the resources to determine her guilt or innocence and because they receive federal funds, they should focus on helping law-abiding women in their community. It is imperative that the Domestic Violence community not actively support parenting kidnapping since they refer women to shelters -- and these shelters currently house many women with their children. The last thing this country needs is women and children hiding their children in federally funded shelters from our family courts.

I recognize that the Organization has their First Amendment Right to free speech, but the last thing I would consider doing with my time is to create a letter writing campaign to the New York VAWA Program Specialist asking them to investigate this organization and the use of their funds. My words to this Executive Director, stop the letter writing and use your resources to convince Holly Ann Collins to surrender to law enforcement officials.

As I've said before, Holly Ann Collins, it's time to "mom up". You need to fly back to the United States and plead gulity and take responsibility for your actions. Let's not waste the resources and time of others because of your case. It is selfish and not respectful of others.


The Editor said...

Hi All,

Someone forwarded us this.

-- The Editor

-- snip --

Subject: is a sexist Group

There are perhaps many of these groups in existence and I may be a little behind the times, but I have started emailing these folks whenever they send me one of their alarmist notices about how bad men are and how good women are.........

And I am posting this info to various places on the internet where they may be seen and people may take similar action......

We are all against violence against children, but not all of us feel the need to lie and or cover up pertinent facts in order to end violence against children.

On the whole, this organization has a good mission, except that they have no interest in females who batter (or apparently the children that women batter - I guess when a woman batters a child physically or sexually, it must not be as bad).

They have slowly watered down their rhetoric against men, although it is still a one sided issue where they perceive men to be the only perpetrators and women the only victims.

I sent them the following note via their "contact us" mailbox.

If this kind of thing bothers you, I suggest you do the same in order to raise awareness and put a stop to this.

"Breaking the Silence: Children's Stories" has been discredited (it was taken off the air from PBS BECAUSE is was found to be biased against one of the two genders (we arenĂ‚’t used to chauvinism against males, but it exists and we are tired of it).

In the lead case in "Breaking the Silence", it was found that the mother in question was, in fact, a batterer herself, not the father (this was found in the court testimony and that of social services, but evidence of female battering gets pretty well ignored by most organizations such as this one - one's with biases against males).

I would appreciate a more gender balanced approach to ending violence against children. Why do we have to demonize the male in order to save the children when it is both males and females who physically and sexually abuse children.

Women are quite capable of being batterers as well as men. Your blindness to female violence is complicit in much of the violence that you purport to want to end (perhaps you do not want to end violence against children and merely want to enslave and incarcerate the males).

If you refuse to even look for female violence, how will you ever find it in order to end it.

Every fifteen seconds in this country a woman is battered and that is a bad thing.

Every fourteen seconds in this country a man is battered. Are you folks even interested in this atrocity or will you continue to ignore men hit by women and mothers who physically abuse?

I will continue to watch your organization and let my fellow menĂ‚’s rights activists be aware of your organization and its activities. Perhaps we can will have to boycott and picket your organization in the future to get your organization to have a more gender neutral approach to ending violence against EVERYONE.

When a woman batters a child (or sexually abuses them), it must not be as bad as when done by a man, right?

Since you folks are highly gender biased when you look for violence (you probably dont think there to be anything wrong with VAWA when its very name excludes men), you must think that the violence perpetrated by women (including sexual violence) just is not worthy of investigation.

Do you folks support battered men's shelters? Or do you, like most others, just turn men who have been battered away (and their children).

I am posting your group's information on-line and I am asking folks to NOT support you (since you promote hatred of men and you refuse NEEDED services to people simply based on your gender biases)

amanwhocares said...

Indeed, we should all be going after the Stop Family Violence Org to have thier IRS 501 status and any oversight committes for disbursement of VAWA funds investigated.

This group appealed to the Interamerican Commission on Human Rights last year claiming fathers are sexual predators if a mother says so and that these same men use parental alienation-PAS as a ruse to get custody. Attendant groups with them in this is Legal Momentum, a branch of NOW, Justice for Children ( the group that destroyed my daughter), Courageous Kids, and others.

Stop Fmaily Violence is sexist and rejects PAS. Thier organization should be scuttled.

Robert Gartner