Thursday, July 10, 2008

Underground Attorney Alan Rosenfeld

In 1990, a 77 page bound book was published by The National Center and Family Law by H. Joan Pennington and Laurie Woods, The Legal issues and Legal Options In Civil Child Sexual Abuse Cases: Representing the Protective Parent. This book was considered the manual for custodial embattled mothers and their defense attorneys seeking to copy Elizabeth Morgan Case and go underground. The Morgan case is frequently cited in the book as well as other famous cases such as Foxworth vs. Foxworth and Mirabito vs Mirabito. Some of the topics in this book include:
  • Why have mothers gone underground?
  • Attorneys: Revealing Client's Whereabouts
  • Representing a Client Considering Going Underground
  • Sample Pleadings
  • Resource Organizations
On the last page of this book under Resource Organizations is the law firm of Harrison & Rosenfeld (Garnett Harrison Esq. and Alan Rosenfeld, Esq.) In addition, the sample pleadings are from Alan Rosenfeld's cases.

Some members of the family abduction community have always asserted that this book serves several purposes: 1) A Recruiting Book for mothers thinking of going underground; 2) A How to book for those mothers to setup their legal defense and 3) A sales brochure for the Underground Law Firm. In fact several underground moms in the Information Binder have included material from this book as their so called evidence for going on the lam.

For those of you who have never seen a picture of underground attorney Alan Rosenfeld with his tossled hair and '60s hair cut, he appears more like a hippie than an attorney. In following his cases which includes videos we've seen from protest rallies for her clients leading chants over a bull horn, at times we think that the underground might be some type of cult. He is often seen holding hands with his clients. We've heard from many of the court baliffs that he often makes them nervous with his close contact with his women clients, often in the holding cells.

With all that said, there is an quote from Alan Rosenfeld in the Winter 1995 edition of the Family Advocate:

"Alan Rosenfeld recalls an analogy made by Richard Ducote, a New Orleans attorney who has represented many women accused of making false sexual abuse allegations. 'It's like a mother whose child is in the middle of the freeway. She has three choices: (1) Watch her child be killed; (2) Run into the road, throw the child to safety, and be hit herself; or (3) Stay with her child and be killed together. Which is the best choice?'"

Finally, both Alan Rosenfeld and Richard Ducote represented Elizabeth Morgan. He is now representing Holly Ann Collins in the most recent Underground Case.

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