Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A Very Sad Story - The Victim Begging for Money

If you have followed the Underground cases over the past 20 years, you would find several similarities in these cases.

  1. Publicity - The mothers always seek publicity in their cases and are willing to exploit their children in every way possible. From U.S. News and World Reports, The Pittsburgh Post Gazette to CBS 48 Hours. This year's case is that of Holly Ann Collins and the child exploited is her kidnapped daughter and victim in the case Jennifer Collins. Jennifer has a blog on the Internet and is posting info on or for her mother. It would not surprise me if her mother Holly wasn't helping her daughter with every word posted on the Internet.
  2. Underground Attorney - The underground attorney is Alan Rosenfeld and he has appeared in many other underground cases. In one case the underground mom was found guilty and sentenced to prison. In another case, he applied to represent the underground mom in another state but was denied pro hac vice representation.
  3. Legal Fees - We once heard that when an underground mom goes into hiding, she has to provide the underground with thousands of dollars which would be held in escrow for her defense, if arrested. In addition, the underground will ask for donations from community members for the mother's defense. These fees are used to pay for the underground attorneys expenses which include flights and hotels. The hotels are some of finest in the city. In some of the cases the underground mom will claim she is indigent and will ask for a public defender to represent her which means that the county will pay for all expert witnesses. These experts will be flown in from all of the United States.
  4. Allegations - The underground book written by H. Joan Pennington and Laurie Woods advises mothers to create new forums for their allegations. For many cases, there are new allegations each month and by the time the criminal trial starts, the allegation list gets even bigger with no supporting evidence. For the father in the Holly Ann Collins case, after 14 years he will once again hear about these allegations yet he was robbed of his custodial rights for 14 years. He may have remarried and moved on with his life, but now 14 years later his former spouse is back to disparage him. Furthermore, you have a now adult child, Jennifer Collins, the victim in the case who is also disparaging him....yet everything she knows has been fed to her by her parental alienator mother.
  5. Counseling - If Holly Ann Collins were a concered and "protective parent", why wouldn't she be raising money to provide therapy for her children rather than a legal defense fee?
The worse part about this story is that Jennifer Collins is begging for money for her mother. This in our opinion is white collar begging. She's not on the street corner with a paper cup but on the Internet providing her mother's bank account number. Meanwhile, her nacissistic mother has ten children in The Netherlands and lives on welfare.

Jennifer Collins belongs in college where she might have been had she not be parentally kidnapped by her proclaimed "protective parent". Unfortunately, after living in refugee camps and now living abroad, she's begging for money. It's a very, very sad story.

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